Android Cleaner And Optimizer: Cosmos Privacy Scan+JunkCleaner

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Cosmos Privacy Scan+JunkCleaner is a free Android app to optimize Android system. This Android cleaner app optimizes your Android battery, cleans up your junk files and scans your privacy permissions of the apps installed.

After activating the app and performing the smart scan, you can easily boost up your Android phone and optimize the speed of it. Battery optimizer in the app even tells you the battery consumption level on Android. Trash cleaner cleans up the junk files and tells you the memory usage and free space available. Privacy scanner scans up the permission you have given to the apps.


Battery Optimizer: Battery Optimizer for Android tells you the consumption level of your Android battery. You can easily select the option, which way you want the app to manage the battery level of your Android phone. The app manages Wi-Fi and data connection, power saver option manages connectivity, display and sound settings. To save battery, the app even turns off everything except phones services running.

Trash Cleaner: Trash Cleaner cleans up the junk files on Android phone. The junk files includes browser history and clipboard history, cache cleaner and call log cleaner. Cleaning the junk files results in increasing the free space including its external and internal memory. By increasing the space, the Android starts working with improved speed. While cleaning the call logs, the app gives you the option whether to clean incoming calls, outgoing calls or missed calls. After cleaning the junk files, you can easily check the total used and available storage of your Android.

Privacy Cleaner: Privacy cleaner scans up your Android phone and provides you the list of privacy issues. Scanning the privacy issue provides you the amount of information or permission you are providing to each app on your Android phone. You can even manage your installed apps, by accessing them through the app.

Key Features Of Cosmos Android Cleaner App:

  • Cleans up your Android junk files.
  • Cleaner includes history cleaner, cache cleaner and call log cleaner.
    Cosmos Junk Files Clean
  • Increases your Android’s battery performance.
  • Tells you the consumption levels of the battery and tells you the estimated time of the battery working according to the apps.
    Cosmos Battery consumption level
  • The app offers you the option to check the total space, internal space, and external space. You can check available and used space on your Android phone.
  • Check amount of permission provided to each app.
  • Manage the apps installed.
  • Share the app via Gmail, Facebook, messages, Skype and the like.

I use PowerMax battery saver app on my Android phone. You can also try the same if you really have a major battery issue.

What I Liked About The App:

The automatic managing of the battery level on Android is the most impressive feature of the app which I liked the most. You just have to select the appropriate options and leave the rest on the app.

Install Cosmos Privacy Scan+JunkCleane App:

Tap on search tab in Google Play Store and then search for “Cosmos Privacy Scan+JunkCleane” app. If you have a Barcode Scanner app, then scan the QR Code below to install the app directly from Google Play Store.

Cosmos QR Code

Manage your Android system by cleaning the junk file and saving your battery life. Optimize your Android system with this great Android cleaner and optimizer app. If you know about any other Android booster or Android cleaner app, then do let us know in comments.

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Works With: Android 2.2 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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