Meraki WiFi Stumbler – Free Browser Based Wireless Scanner

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Meraki WiFi Stumbler is the first free browser based wireless scanner. It is very effective tool that will allow network administrators to deal with all the problems on the network and troubleshoot them without downloading and installing any software. It not only detects rogue access points but also the ones with hidden SSIDs.

Meraki WiFi Stumber is also useful while traveling to quickly discover wireless networks available around you. This would come handy if you do not have a wireless discovery tool like Easy WiFi, We-Fi, or Fing installed.

Knowing Meraki WiFi Stumbler:

Most wireless scanners require installation of application; however Meraki WiFi Stumbler can be used right through your browser without downloading and installing any application. Its intuitive interface displays detailed information of all the wireless networks after detecting 802.11 wireless networks. It captures information of all the nearby wireless networks through your computer’s wireless card and lists them in a webpage. It is currently only available for Windows operating systems and in order to run it you should have a browser with Java support.

Features of Meraki WiFi Stumbler:

  1. It is the first free wireless scanner that can be used from your web browser. It can run easily on all the latest versions of web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome.
  2. Since it runs from the browser, you do not have to install any wireless scanner software
  3. It can be used to troubleshoot Wi-Fi coverage connectivity and performance issues.
  4. It can detect rogue access points and also find those that have hidden SSIDs.
  5. It allows you to select channels and get the most out of its performance.
  6. By using a web browser with offline mode like Firefox, you can make use of WiFi Stumbler even when internet connection is not available.

It is very handy tool that allows you to deal with all the available wireless networks. You do not need to spend a penny to use it. Just open the WiFi Stumbler and the free wireless scanner will be ready to cater your needs.

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