Rainbow Folders – Freeware to Change Color of Folder Icons

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Rainbow Folders is a free software to modify color of folder icons. Since all the folders present on a Windows powered are in yellow color, many times you may have difficulty in finding any folder. Rainbow Folders will easily help you to locate your files on your hard drive by changing the color of folders as per your need.

Other similar software to change color of folders is FolderIco.

Change folder Icons and Colors:

You can make use of different colors for denoting different folders. Rainbow Folders will let you mark your work folders with blue color, favorite folders with red color and so on.

The folders that are colored with Rainbow Folders can be seen in Windows Explorer (even if your have added extra features to Windows Explorer) and also through the open and save dialog box of various applications.

It also lets you manage your colored folders by making use of Explorer context menu item. It also lets you add a custom hint that will be prompted to you in case you accidently delete a folder.

Only limitation with Rainbow Folders is that it lets you change folder colors only, not change folder icons.

Here is a brief info on the features of Rainbow Folders:

  1. It is a free software that lets you modify the color of your folders.
  2. Since this app is listed in some of the famous software download sites, it is free from any malicious program.
  3. The application can be downloaded from its website and uses around 1MB of hard disk space.
  4. You can mark folders with various colors as to make them visually more striking.
  5. The modified folders are visible through Windows Explorer and also through the open and save dialog box of various apps.
  6. It has a very simple user interface and in no time you will find yourself using it to change the color and icons of your folders.
  7. It lets you add a custom hint that will protect folders from getting deleted by mistake.

Rainbow Folders is a very useful, and easy to use software to organize your desktop better.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 5]
Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free

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