We-Fi: Free Wifi Wireless Hotspot Detector

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We-Fi is a free application that helps you to detect Free Wi-Fi in any location around the globe. Due to the increasing number of hotspots available, it can be difficult to connect to the best one. We-Fi was developed to solve this issue. The application automatically connects your laptop to the internet through open access points. If a local Wireless hotspot requires you to enter a password, it will prompt it before it connect to the internet. If you want to create a free Virtual Private Network, you can use Comodo VPN.

We-Fi has a large community database. Most of the hotspots that are connected through We-Fi  are verified within the database. We-Fi has a button that let you open the web browser without leaving the menu screen.

Here are some of the features of this Free Wi-Fi Detector:


  • Detect Wi-Fi hotspots in any location in the world.
  • Find Wi-Fi location in the globe with the hotspot directory
  • Automatically connect the device to the best Wi-Fi hotspot with the connection manager software
  • Join the community to build a Wi-Fi network
  • Chat and find friends on the internet
  • Obtain fast and reliable wireless connection wherever Wi-Fi is available

We-Fi requires your permission to allow it to change the router setting. We-Fi is also available for mobile device. If you are always on the move, and need to find free wi-fi hotspots, Free We-Fi can come really handy.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Mobile
Free/Paid: Free

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