3 Free Calorie Counters To Keep Track of Daily Calorie Intake

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Here is a list of 3 free calorie counter software for Windows that let you keep track of calorie intake and weight, to remain fit and healthy.

These calorie counters provide you wide database that comprises of variety of food items. These calorie calculators are apt for fitness freaks who love to take healthy diet to remain fit. These freeware will also let you control your calorie intake and body weight depending on your physique and food consumption.

Below I’ve reviewed some free calorie counter for Windows, namely: Foods Calorie Meter, JXCirrus CalCount, and DietsInDetails.

Foods Calorie Meter:

Foods Calorie Meter

Foods Calorie Meter is a free calorie counter for Windows that lets you calculate and keep track of daily calorie intake. This free calorie counter provides you large and rich food database that offers nutritional information of around 250 types of meals and drinks. It lets you add meals that you’ve eaten in breakfast, lunch, and dinner so as to count daily calorie intake. It provides you a detailed report on the amount of calories you’ve consumed.

This free calories counter lets you create multiple user profiles. It supports unlimited food material entries and at the same time lets you customize the calorie calculation method according to your requirement. Not only that, it also provides you a BMI calculator (body mass index calculator), which you can use to calculate whether you should increase or decrease your calorie intake.

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Get Foods Calorie Meter from here.

JXCirrus CalCount:

JXCirrus CalCount

JXCirrus CalCount is another free calorie counter for Windows that calculates your calorie range and nutrient intake based on your physics, food consumption, and exercise schedule. It marks the increased calorie range in Red, decreased level in Violet, and healthy range of calorie in Green, so that you can plan your calorie consumption, accordingly.

This free calorie counter provide you rich built-in food database over 2000 foods and 25 different nutrients, which you can use to record your daily food consumption. At the same time, it lets you create personalized list of food that you consume daily. This free calories counter lets you record workout activities by customizing the time, distance, speed, etc. and calculates your burnt calories. It also lets you import or export lists of food & exercises as XML file.This freeware also supports multiple user without any restriction. It also provides cross platform support for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

All the features mentioned above are available in free version. In case you want more features, like graphical representation of nutrients intake & exercise, Set up extra meals in a day, and more, you can switch to premium paid version.

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Get JXCirrus CalCount here.

DietsInDetails: Free Calorie Counter


DietsInDetails is a free calorie counter that lets you evaluate calorie intake on daily basis to control your eating habits. This free calorie counter provide you a rich database that comprises of various food items ranging over 50,000 along with their respective information, like: calories, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol, and more. It lets you record your food intake in form of a list, on daily basis, so as to keep a track of both calorie consumption and weight.

In addition, it provides you two features, namely: Chart and Diary. Chart lets you graphically monitor your calorie intake and weight so as to track your progress, accordingly. Whereas, Dairy lets you add notes on daily basis which can be viewed anytime along with the records. You can install this free calorie counter on your computer to maintain calorie intake and weight to remain fit and healthy.

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Get DietsInDetails here.

If you are health conscious, then you can try your hands on these free calorie counter software to keep track of daily food consumption along with calorie intake to restrict your eating habits to remain fit. Try these out and let me know your experience in comments below.

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