5 Free Websites to make exercise schedule

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Here are 5 free websites to make exercise schedule. These applications help you to plan your exercise schedule online. All these online exercise schedule maker websites are completely free.



FreeTrainers.com is free web based application tool that helps you to plan your exercise schedule online and you can easily follow the exercise schedule. The web site is free to use and you can reach your goal by following the diet and exercise plan it provides to its users.  The application is designed for the users who want to lose their weight but unsure of the regime that will help them to attain their weight goals.

The application can be used by the users as it provides free customized fitness & nutritional plans to help every kind of users to reach their goals and attain healthy body. This includes our leading online health & fitness community that provides you with the helpful support you need to reach your goals.

The application comes with advanced and well designed exercise program manager that will help you to prepare your own exercise regime or you can also follow the program made by this manager. You can feed into your personal detail to this program manager and this program manage will return you the exercise plan useful for your body. You can target different parts of body with this free app. The application manager also keeps in mind about the status of the user like their sex, their type and whether they have equipment aid or not.

The application also supports easy to fill forms that you can feed in to their database. When you find time just fill up the form about the sets and repetitions made by according to the plan and save the data in the web site’s database.

Try FreeTrainers.com free here.

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Free-online-health is free web based application that helps you to achieve your weight loss goals while you can effectively lose your weight with healthy diet plan. The application is designed keeping in mind the users who are keen to lose their weight but requires some questions to answer. You can freely browse through the articles, pages and fitness plans that this app offers for the users.

You will find in this web site:

  • weight loss tips
  • diets
  • dieting
  • exercise and exercise programs
  • and lots of information on general health issues

The application does not require any downloads or installation. Simply register for the web site and start using it while you are just at your home. The application has simple and short registration form that you have to fill up with your email id.

The free ware comes with free Diet book plus, that is most interesting part of this web based application. The dietbook plus is the feature whereby the app offers it’s registered users ways to lose weight and achieve their goals. There are various weight loss program that you can use with this web site. You can avail free planners and programs like home exercise program, weight programs, muscles building programs and many more.

The diet book plus comes with meal and exercise planner that asks for your weight and height and after calculating for your BMR tells you your weight status and how much calorie you need to lose.

Try Free-Online-Health free here.



SparkPeople is free fitness and diet online planner that helps its users to create free fitness plans for their body and maintain weight that is desirable. The application is designed with simplicity and anyone can use it for free. The lets you save your diet plans and follow the workout regime offered by the app.

You just have to register for the site and you will be offered with the world of healthy living tips and knowledge. You can also surf through various blogs, articles and health tips that may be effective for your body. The exercise programs offered by this web site are quite flexible and easy to understand. Thus you can alter it to certain extent and follow it without any obstacle.

One of the interesting features of the app is an advanced nutrition tracker and fitness planner. Thus you will have to go through the set up process where you will be lead to the info form area, just fill up the form and submit it to the website. You can use these services for free with the web app and enjoy the period of losing weight. The application also contains the report generator for its users. You can use this service for free, the report generator of the freeware will let you know the different aspect of you weight loss program in graphical presentation, thus you can give a quick view and get a print out.

Feed your personal details with this web site and it give you the planners and programs that you must follow to lose weight effectively and still staying healthy. You can also track your program with the reports generator and see how easily and in fun way you lose your weight.

Try SparkPeople free here.



eMuscle is free web site where you can check out the workout routines for your exercise time and get desirable body easily without spending any penny in expensive machines and others. The application is easy to understand and you can get the personalized fitness programs to achieve your goal.

The application does not require you to register if you just want free workout routines for your self. The application is free to use, also there are some paid programs for your exercise regime, still you can try some very effective and intuitive fitness programs at beginner’s level. When you have entered your details and target, the application answers you with the free programs available with the website. You can surf through the programs and select your desired plans.

In order to download the program you an registration, just mention your name and password and you will registered with the website within few minutes. With this free ware you can also connect with other users of the web site and share your experiences and views with others for further enhancements and fitness programs. Also surf through the videos, blogs and pictures and update your program further.

Try eMuscle free here.



Online Fitness Log is free web based application that helps the users to lose their weight effectively without any crash dieting and unhealthily. The application comes with the tools and techniques that will help you to track your progress while your program and you will be able to achieve your program target easily and quickly.

With this freeware you can

  • Create a plan that helps you to achieve weight loss targets
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Lose weight and trim fat
  • Stay healthy and vibrant
  • Achieve your goals

This free online exercise planning application works as your exercise log only and while you are using this freeware to lose you weight you can avail the other free services into other fitness-related areas, the app comes with advanced exercise tracker helps you to record your daily metrics, exercise sessions, and nutritional intake. Easily log multiple exercises per day and let Online Fitness Log calculate values such as average speed, pace and calories burned. There is no limit to the number of exercises you can record each day. Use the exercise tracker as you see fit.

Try Online Fitness Log free here.

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