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eFit Calorie Counter and Daily Meal Tracker is a free calorie control software that allows the user to keep track of the daily calorie intake, body weight gain/ loss. People are becoming more and more conscious about their body weights and adopt a diet routine to control their food intake and  boys sizes. eFit Calorie counter is a free calorie tracker, that helps the user in this cause. It comes with a lot of innovative built-in features that suits almost any lifestyle.

This free calorie counter can be downloaded and installed on your computer, and it is completely free to use. This is a very easy way to track your daily meal and calorie intakes.


How to Use eFit Calorie Counter and Daily Meal Tracker:

The user has to create a new profile , the first time he/she runs this free calorie tracker. This profile is used to maintain the user specific data like calorie intake, body weight, meal routines etc. To get used to the software, the user has to go through the normal diet routine and enter the food intake into the eFit profile, every time. At the end of the week, the user will be able to calculate the total calorie intake, the average and other such statistics. The user can use this data to increase the calorie intake if he/she needs a weight gain or reduce it if the user needs to lose some. Using this free calorie tracker software is as simple as that.

Further the user can calculate the body fat, metabolic rate based on the body measurements.  These are just estimates, but they will help the user to figure out the body state more efficiently. Also check out Calorie calculator, and weight loss website.

The planner is where the user enters the details about the calorie intake and body measurements, for each of which a separate tab is available.  The user can get the data for a specific date, with the help of the calendar available. One unique feature of this free calorie tracker is that the user need not necessarily  enter the calorie in numbers. Rather  the user can add the specific dishes/ recipes he has eaten during the day. A lot of such food entires are available by default. The user just has to click on them to add them to the daily food intake entry.

Other innovative features of this daily meal tracker include:

  • Simple user interface.
  • Support for both US and metric Unit Measurements.
  • As many as 10,000 food entries in the database.
  • Option to generate shopping lists and create recipes with a watch on the calorie value.
  • Supports a flexible meal routine. 3, 4  or 5 meals can be accommodated in an entry per day.

All these features make eFit Calorie Control, an innovative software for all those weight conscious people to use, to control the calorie intake.

Download eFit Calorie counter free.

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