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Skinnyo is a free online weight loss website that helps the user to keep track of weight loss routine.With Skinnyo, the user can measure the weight loss progress with the help of graphs, diaries, badges, challenges with friends, points system etc., All these things motivate the individual to perform workouts regularly and compete with friends in doing so.

The best part that I like about Skinnyo is that it is structured in form of challenges. Basically, you set a challenge for yourself and others, and then work to achieve those goals. A challenge could be as simple as who can lose most weight in a month; or something tangible like lose 4 lbs by end of month. There are lot of public challenges also that you can join. Some examples of public challenges that I really like are: 50 push ups by end of month, lose 2 Kgs till Chinese new year, and many more.

Obesity has become a major issue these days. A number of Weight loss routines are available for those who care about fitness and health. The is even weight loss iPhone app available. People generally takeup rigorous weight loss programs to lose thier weight. Often people lose interest in doing so just because they don’t have enough motivation and thrill. Skinnyo is an innovative social website that introduces competition and motivation thereby making weight loss easier and fun to do.


The user just has to create an account on Skinnyo and can join any number of weight loss challenges he/she wants. You can create your own challenge and make it public. Also the user can take up and join such challenges to lose weight. People challenge their friends to lose a specified weight in a given time. Some of those challenges can be found on Skinnyo. A challenge can have a specified number of people and it can be private as well.  The weight loss trend can be tracked with the help of graphs .This is displayed right next to the profile image .The graphs clearly show the trends and patterns enabling the user to know his progress instantly.

Skinnyo has other interesting features to reward the user with badges and points which would be displayed on the user’s profile. Every time the user wins different challenges, the progress is indicated with the help of such credentials and these are displayed to indicate how far he has come.

With all these innovative features and options, Skinnyo makes weight loss, a fun  thing to do. Skinnyo is completely free.

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