Free Language Learning Software: Vocabulary.NET

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Vocabulary.NET is a free software that allows the user to learn multiple language vocabulary. This freeware is a combination of Google Dictionary and TTS so that the user can create, edit and practise vocabulary tests effortlessly.


Learning new languages just got easier with Vocabulary.NET. This software can be used with vocabulary database of about 2 different popular languages of the world. This is an extremely customizable vocabulary app, where the users can upload their own database of words to know their translations in other major languages. A demo database is available which teaches English to chinese users.

The users just need to have the database of their own language vocabulary (as an XDXF file). When the proper language selections are made using the options available , the translation into the desired language occurs seamlessly and the user can know the phonetics and the pronunciation of the word in the translated language. All this happens with the help of the Google Dictionary service, hence making the translation reasonably good.

This freeware is available as a standalone application, that is free to download and use. One prerequisite to use this software is that the user needs to have .NET 3.5 sp 1 installed on the system. This tool is supported on all Windows machines x64 and x86. The size of the tool is as small as 1MB and can be downloaded from

With all these features, learning a new languageā€™s vocabulary can never get easier than using Vocabulary.NET.

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