GiftedSpeech: Free Language Learning for Kids

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GiftedSpeech is a place where you can teach your child reading, music, math and many more exciting things. GiftedSpeech is the easiest way where you can help in teaching your child in the most easiest way. Here children can learn and play and enhance their knowledge.

Now when the world is growing at a fast rate, with the help of GiftedSpeech you can learn multiple languages at once, and giving your child more opportunities for the future. Your child can learn many languages and can pronounce them perfectly with a clear accent. It has got advance language capability, which means children can reach new milestone relating to language. With the help of GiftedSpeech children can learn very fast and develop large vocabulary.

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With the help of GiftedSpeech there is an opportunity for children to get to know new cultures through fun stories and give them an edge over other languages. In the first release of this software animated videos and fun games teach English speaking children the sounds of Spanish, French and mandarin. GiftedSpeech provides a foundation in multiple languages. So children can use GiftedSpeech as a companion when learning a specific language.


GiftedSpeech is of great advantage. It provides flexibility to parents and teachers in enhancing their learning skills. It teaches children through interactive, entertaining, and internet modules. Each module contains a short story that small children will find it cute and interesting. Foreign words are embedded in the story, and these words contain sounds common to several languages. Children absorb these sounds, which lays the foundation of several languages.

Each  module also contains games which test the skills of children where children can record their own speech to get to know about how they are pronouncing the words. Children can also send their speech to GiftedSpeech to get analyses of their speech. GiftedSpeech is based on audio video instruction and is really fun to use. It doesn’t require any reading or writing skills. No assistance is required. Children can do and play with it independently. Some other free language learning software that we reviewed earlier include: LiveMocha, Busuu, and Words Memorizer.

GiftedSpeech is currently in beta, and needs an access code to register. Here is an access code that I found on the web that works: “PlayForSuccess”. Just enter this access code while registering, and you will be able to enjoy GifTedSpeech for free while it is in beta.

So check out the exciting features of GiftedSpeech and teach your children different languages, and give an edge over others, by correct pronunciation and fluency in speaking different languages. You will definitely like this software and will use it for your children.

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