4 Free iPad Dictionary Apps

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Here are 4 free dictionary apps for iPad. These apps let you quickly look up meaning of any word in your iPad. All these ipad dictionary apps are completely free, and work in iPod Touch and iPhone as well.

Dictionary! App for iPad

Dictionary for ipad

To be able to check up on any word from your iPad, you would need to install the Dictionary! App for iPad right away. This top free iPad dictionary app is very easy to use and contains relevant words and is an easy to use and contains highly relevant words and meanings.

Dictionary! App for iPad is loaded with over two hundred thousand words and does not require any internet connection for you to get word meanings, meaning it can be utilized fully online.

Other features on this app include its concise, simple and short definitions, introductions of synonyms for word search and advanced spell checks. With this app, it means you have your entire word search and definition app in one single location.
To get a free downloadable version of this app, head up to the iPad app store to get it directly from your iPad and enjoy the power of one of the best free iPad dictionaries available anywhere.

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Dictionary.com App for iPad

Dictionary.com iPad

Dictionary.com App for iPad is a free iPad dictionary that connects you to word meanings and synonyms from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com in real time. This is the best dictionary app for iPad.

Imagine having unlimited access to about a million word definitions and almost a hundred thousand synonyms and antonyms from a free iPad dictionary app. This app also contains features which include the word history, origin and pronunciation guides.

Essentially, this free iPad dictionary app teaches you how to pronounce words properly in addition to giving you their correct meanings and the full complement of a Thesaurus. Top features on this app include the English and Spanish word of the day, which you do not find everywhere.

This dictionary can be fully utilized offline and be shaken to pick up the meaning of a random word. Also, indexing in alphabetical order is available on this free iPad dictionary app.

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WordWeb Dictionary App for iPad

WordWeb Dictionary

The WordWeb Dictionary App for iPad is another free iPad dictionary app loaded with an in-built thesaurus and audio capabilities for learning word pronounciations

The user interface on this free iPad dictionary is highly intuitive as it gives you spelling suggestions and usage examples for all words. The search function is very quick and simple to use with a comprehensive database of words used in modern English included.

WordWeb Dictionary App for iPad allows you to cross reference words directly to the Oxford and Chambers dictionaries, thus giving you access to the greatest English resources worldwide. You can also bookmark searches in addition to the rich history tracking built into this free iPad dictionary app.

Overall, this great app connects you to hundreds of thousands of word meanings and pronunciations on the go, while also helping you improve your English language via the usage examples, spelling suggestions, filtering of search results and a host of other features.

Pleco Chinese Dictionary App for iPad

Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Are you interested in learning the Chinese language and doing it while on the go? If yes, then you have a wonderful resource in this free iPad dictionary app christened Pleco Chinese Dictionary App for iPad.

Though, completely free from the iPad app store, this app also functions as a document reader and flashcard learning system with integrated handwriting support. To make it easier, it also supports character recognition for the Chinese alphabets.

This great free app is loaded with hundreds of thousands of Chinese words and over twenty thousand sentences for specific word usage. This helps you to understand the meaning of the words and also how to use them in sentences.

Apart from the mainstream Pinyin characters of the Chinese language, Pleco Chinese Dictionary App for iPad also supports mainland and Taiwanese word usage. There is also an in-built audio support to enable you pronounce the words properly.

Utilize this free app right away to add an additional language skill and get greater value from your iPad.

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