5 Free iPad Calculator Apps

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Here are 5 Free calculator apps for iPad. These include normal calculator, as well as scientific calculator apps for iPad. It is actually quite fun to have a calculator app on iPad because of the large interface of iPad. And these calculator apps make full use of that. These calculator apps work on iPhone, and iPod Touch as well.

Jumbo Calculator App for iPad

Jumbo Calculator iPad

Do you really wish to be able to experience the feel of a calculator with large buttons on your iPad? Then, get the free Jumbo Calculator App for iPad and savour the feel of the good old calculator in virtual mode.

The outlook of this free iPad calculator app is so real with large buttons and even a regular solar panel placed on the interface. It swiftly carries out your basic functions of adding, subtracting and multiplying figures in no time.

Jumbo Calculator App for iPad will also execute divisions; give you square roots and also square numbers for you. Decimal places are not a problem as you can get results in as much as four decimal places.

This top free iPad calculator is ideal for users as it fills the screen fully and can support input from a Bluetooth keyboard. Above all, there are no ads to disturb your calculation processes on this great app.

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PowerOne Scientific Calculator App for iPad

powerone scientific calculator ipad

PowerOne Scientific Calculator App for iPad is one great free iPad calculator that performs several scientific functions and loaded with several advanced features that help you achieve more within short periods.

This free iPad calculator is highly customizable for personal use and combines the use of algebraic functions and specific formula templates created by you. Some of the pre-installed templates on this app can be used for conversion of areas, lengths, mass and calculation of averages.

PowerOne Scientific Calculator App for iPad is an award winner in many circles and can be used to share data with colleagues. You can also save different works on the templates for later usage.

Calculations on this top free iPad calculator can be performed in several modes including decimal, engineering and scientific. You can also specify the unit of choice to format certain functions with while doing all these. Raising to powers and the use of spread sheets are also additional great features.

PCalc Lite App for iPad

PCalc Lite ipad

Are you in search of a simple to use scientific calculator on your iPad? Then, head up to the iPad app store to get a free download of PCalc Lite App for iPad for a refreshing calculation experience.

This is one top iPad calculator that comes in several themes, possesses the undo and redo functions, use of constants and conversions across different units. The background design is also very intuitive and pleasing to the eyes.

Other top features here include the use of the degrees functions of SIN, COS and TAN for angles is also present on this app. This helps you to convert degrees into angles and vice-versa.

PCalc Lite App for iPad also has a nice button layout, well spaces out and making it possible to achieve calculations within a matter of seconds. You never will find yourself pressing another button like it happens with some other screen calculators.

Free Calculator App for iPad

calculator for ipad

One free iPad calculator app that combines the functions of a normal; and scientific calculator is the Free Calculator App for iPad, making it stand out of the crowd. Apart from this, it also has great designs and there are several themes and backgrounds to choose from.

Free Calculator App for iPad works full screen in both landscape and portrait mode for the scientific and normal calculations respectively. You can also achieve back spacing by swiping the result screen with your fingers.

In addition, you have the percentage and memory buttons all working to serve your needs on this great free iPad calculator and you can decide to leave the button with a tap sound or mute it altogether.

Overall, Free Calculator App for iPad is simple, fast and easy to use in addition to executing basic and scientific calculations in different modes. Visit the iPad app store right away to freely download one of the best free calculators you can get for the iPad.

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Big Calculator Free App for iPad

Big Calculator iPad

How nice would it be to own a calculator that covers the complete area of a 10-inch screen? If you wish to enjoy something like this, then take advantage of the Big Calculator Free App for iPad which was designed to take specifically for this purpose.

Imagine a free iPad calculator app also loaded with a paper tape that helps you keep track of the calculations you have made. You can also choose to create much larger buttons, or rotate the screen to portrait mode in order to get a full screen.

Top features on this free calculator app include large buttons that are easy to press, ability to share the contents of your paper tape and the font sizes. You can also customize your font sizes, and save your calculations to continue from where you stopped earlier.

Generally, Big Calculator Free App for iPad is loaded with a lot of great features including percentages, square roots, memory recall, back space button and a whole lot of other things.

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