5 Best Free Online Scientific Calculator

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Here are 5 Best free Online scientific calculator. All these online scientific calculator are completely free, and you do not need to download or install anything to use it. Some of these calculators provide additional features as compared to others, so explore all of them to see which works best for you.



eCalc online scientific calculator is one of the most feature rich online scientific calculator that I have come across. It has a nice interface. The website has ads, but they do not hinder your work. It provides scientific functions, algebraic operating mode, linear equation solver, root equation solver, history of your calculations, decimal to fraction converter, complex number with polar format or rectangular format.

eCalc also comes with an expandable sidebar that lets you do quick unit conversion, provides values of some common constants, and convert BASE. This sidebar itself makes eCalc the best scientific calculator in this list.

Check out eCalc.

Also check out free expression calculator, and free equation calculator.


Web2.0Calc is another free web based scientific calculator. Web2.0Calc provides lot of similar mathematical functions as eCalc. A major advantage of Web2.0Calc is that it lets you plot graphs as well. You can provide an equation that you want to be plotted on graph. You can plot up to 4 graphs at a time.

Apart from that, Web2.0Calc also shows history of the calculations that you have done, and you can quickly pick any calculation from the history.

Check out Web2.0Calc.

HRW Online Scientific Calculator

HRW has a nice scientific calculator online. It does not provides additional features as compared to eCalc or Web2.0calc, but it has a really nice and big interface. The calculator spans the entire screen, and there isn’t even any ad on the page. If you have a problem working with the interface of smaller online scientific calculators, this would be like godsend to you. It also comes with Memory Recall functions, and you can buttons like “M+”, “M-“, “MR”, and “MC” to work with calculator’s memory. These work a lot like physical calculators.

Check out HRW online scientific calculator here.

PiCalc Online Scientific Calculator

PiCalc provides another feature rich free online scientific calculator. The interface is surprisingly small, but it does has some useful functions. First of all, it lets you define values of some variables, and then use them in your calculations. Like, you can define values for “A” and “B”, and create a calculation like “A*B”. This is a pretty neat feature. Apart from this, it provides a full function list for Trignometric functions, basic functions, Logarithm functions, exponent functions, and more. The best part is that you can click on any function in the list to directly use in your calculation.

Check out PiCalc.

MathOpenRef Online Scientific Calculator

MathOpenRef has another free basic online scientific calculator. It provides all the commonly used trignometric and algebraic functions. You can even pop-out the calculator so that it occupies entire screen (this is almost necessary, as the calculator has a pretty small interface).

Check out MathOpenRef Online scientific calculator. For your PC, you can check out Windows calculator replacement.

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