Calorie Calculator: Calculate Body Mass Index, Daily Calorie Needs, Metabolic Rate

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Calorie Calculator is a easy to use free application that tell you your daily calorie needs, your body mass and metabolic rates. This information is calculated by the application based your age, sex, weight and other private details. Indeed if you were to use this free calorie calculator program, chances are you’ll be able to govern your daily intake of calories. These days’ health conscience people are on the increase and applications like free Calorie Calculator are the ideal computer tools for people who care about what they eat.

Update (1-Sep-2012): The download link does not works anymore, and I was unable to find updated link. You can check out other calorie calculators.

Let’s review the functions of this simple free utility and learn exactly what it can do:

“Daily calorie needs”: All of us need an intake of calories everyday to maintain our weight and stay healthy. However, if your intake of calories is too high, then various health problems are certain to happen and some point in your life. With Calorie Calculator’s “daily calorie needs” function, you will be advised as to how many calories you should take on any given day.

“Body Mass Index”: This option calculates your height to weight ratio. It is generally assumed that a person’s BMI should between 18.5 and 24.9. If this figure is higher, then you are considered overweight.

“Basal Metabolic Rate”: This function governs the amount calories spent while you body is resting.

As mentioned, the above functions only work well if you input the correct information for the free utility to base its calculations on. These personal details are as follows:

Calorie Calculator

  • What is your sex?
  • How tall are you?
  • What is you present weight?
  • How often do you exercise

It is important to note that if you input false information; you are not fooling the software, you are fooling yourself.  Users are able to keep all their private details completely private, simply by clicking the option menu and making adjustments accordingly. Calorie Calculator is, as mentioned; completely free with no hidden expenses that users will be hit with following downloading and setting up. The program is simple to use and, based on information received, gives accurate results. Download free here.

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