5 Free Fitness Apps For Chrome For Fitness Freaks

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Here is a list of 5 free fitness apps for Chrome that let you track workout routine and also lets you manage diet, nutrition, and weight so that you can remain fit. These free Chrome fitness apps act as your personal trainer as they provide and monitor your fitness goals. These fitness apps let you manage your daily diet and allow you to keep a track on the nutrition. These fitness apps are apt for fitness freaks as they offer you set of exercises which you can perform at gym or at home. They also tell you what equipment to be used to perform any exercise and provide you exercise for various body parts which you wish to trim. Some of these fitness apps also provide animated illustrations and certain videos so that you can perform your set of exercise accurately.

Below I’ve reviewed wger Workout Manager, FitnessBliss, GAIN Fitness, BodBot,and Personal Trainer – Yoga.

wger Workout Manager:

wger Workout Manager

wger Workout Manager is a free fitness app for Chrome that lets you manage your diet plans along with daily workout session. This free fitness app offers you a workout manager, a nutritionist, and a weight manager, so that you can track your workout, diet, and weight; and monitor your progress. This free fitness app provides you detailed information of various exercises and food nutrition values, so that you can plan your workout and diet efficiently. It also offers you multiple exercises, ranging around hundred. It also shows you benefits of various exercises so that you can decide which exercises are best for your need. Not only that, this fitness app lets you download your exercise schedule and diet plans as PDFs. Grab this free fitness app to track both physique and diet, so that you can remain fit and healthy.

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Grab wger Workout Manager for Chrome from here!

FitnessBliss Free Fitness App For Chrome:


FitnessBliss is another free fitness app for Chrome that allows you to create workout routines so that you can track your fitness progress via visual charts provided by this app. The best part of this free fitness app is that it offers you exercises for different body parts, like: abs, chest, thighs, cardio, etc., in case you wish to trim any particular part of your body. This free fitness app provides you suggestions for the exercise that you wish to perform either at home or at gym. It lets you depict exercises as animated illustrations so that you can view the procedure to perform the exercise. It lets you create multiple workouts and displays your fitness progress in form of a visual chart. This fitness app lets you follow one exercise schedule or you can set up to three different exercise regimes. In case you want to create more regimes, you will need to upgrade to paid version and shell out some moolah.

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Grab FitnessBliss for Chrome from here!

GAIN Fitness:

GAIN Fitness

GAIN Fitness is a free fitness app for Chrome that allows you to create personalized workout regime for both home as well as gym. This free fitness app offers you science-based exercises. It provides free trainers that you can choose to get customized workout plan. This free fitness app offers you over 700 exercises which can be selected according to your priority and provide suggestions depending on the type of users, like: novice, beginners, intermediate, experts, etc. This fitness app provides you detailed information of the chosen set of exercises along with a demo video. This fitness app divides you exercise session into warm up, strength training, restoration, and cool down and helps you schedule your exercises in such a way that your body remains strain free. To perform your exercises under the assistance of advanced trainers, you will have to switch to paid version.

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Grab GAIN Fitness for Chrome from here!

BodBot Free Fitness App For Chrome:


BodBot is a free fitness app for Chrome that lets you plan your workout schedule according to your stamina so that you can shed unnecessary fat and strengthen your muscles. It also takes care of the nutritional requirements and generates a nutrition plan, so that you remain fit and healthy. This free fitness app sets your goals depending on your capacity and stamina so you don’t overdo exercises and strain your muscles. It forms a workout routine in form of a chart and sets your goals so that you workout accordingly to get a strong and well-shaped body. In order to proceed towards the target goal, the motivation and encouragement is provided to you by the other users using this fitness app and you can do it vice-versa, to support them as well. You can easily change your goal according to your stamina. This fitness app lets you analyze your workout but for that you need to upgrade your account, which is a paid facility. This fitness app offers you a hidden surprise, which can be used by selecting the Free Upgrade Option, for this you need to send invites to your friends and when they’ll sign-up with this app you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of the paid version for one complete month.

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Grab BodBot for Chrome from here!

Personal Trainer – Yoga:

Personal Trainer - Yoga

Personal Trainer – Yoga is a free fitness app for Chrome that offers you all the yoga postures and provides various anatomical and therapeutic options, so that you can work on the desired area. This fitness app provides you the method alongwith the sequence of routine warm-up, which is one of the important step which is to be performed before you begin the yoga postures/asanas. This fitness app lets you choose the desired anatomical or therapeutic option and provides you related yoga postures so that you can cure those issues with the help of yoga asanas. Not only that, it also provides you a complete list of yoga postures/asanas through which you can choose the desired posture and perform that by following the steps one after the other. The best part of this Yoga app for Chrome is that, it provides you step by step procedure of the yoga asanas along with the tips and detailed information of the posture. It also provides you cautions which are to be kept in mind while performing the asanas. This fitness app is apt for those fitness freaks who are fond of yoga.

Grab Personal Trainer – Yoga for Chrome from here!

Try out these free fitness apps to trim your body and to stay fit and healthy. Do mention your favorite fitness app for Chrome that you are using to stay fit and share your experience in the comments below.

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