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wger Workout Manager is a free web application that lets you manage your daily workout as well as diet plans. It’s a simple and easy to use application that comes with a workout manager, a weight tracker, and a nutrition manager to help you manage your workouts and daily exercises, and track your weight. wger Workout Manager provides a sample workout and nutrition planner with flexible options to edit each entry. This way, you can easily plan out your daily exercises and diet chart and track progress of your weight and body nutrition.

The app mainly focuses on providing you detailed information on various exercises and nutrition values of food ingredients and allowing you to create a workout and nutrition plan to track progress of your weight and physique.

wger Workout Manager is a free, open source web app that can easily be accessed using the link given at the end of this article. It is also available as a Chrome app and can be downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store. The service requires a free registration without which it deletes the entered data from its server after a week. Once you get registered with the service, you can use wger Workout Manager as your daily workout and nutrition manager, without worrying about loss of data. Apart from managing an online schedule of workout and nutrition, wger Workout Manager also facilitates downloading your diet and exercise plans as PDFs.

wger Workout Manager interface

Manage your Workout and Nutrition Plans with wger Workout Manager:

wger Workout Manager comes with a user friendly interface and provides an extremely flexible environment to create workout and nutrition plans. Though the app offers a sample workout and nutrition plan to give you kick start, you can edit each listed entry and redefine your own plans. Let’s have a look on the main components of wger Workout Manager:

  • The Workout Tracker: Here you can create your workout schedule by choosing the number of days for the plan, adding and grouping exercises for each day, and choosing how many repetitions you want for each exercise. This way you can plan more than one workout and maintain a workout schedule which you can print as a log and take to your gym.wger Workout Manager workout
  • The Weight Tracker: This section lets you track your body weight by maintaining a log of the weight measures you get over time and generating a chart out of them for visual analysis.blacktop weight tracker
  • The Nutrition Manager: Here you can create a diet plan by viewing nutrition values of various food ingredients and including them in your diet.    blacktop nutrition

Key Features of wger Workout Manager:

  • Free online workout manager app.
  • Also includes a diet organizer and a weight tracker.
  • Extremely flexible with drag and drop support to add entries.
  • Provides a vast database of around hundred exercises with their description and benefits.blacktop exercise
  • Allows exporting workout routines (log of 7 weeks) as PDFs.
  • Displays exercise logs with repetitions in form of chart.
  • Lets you maintain a workout schedule by organizing your planned workouts.
  • Import/Export weight measures in spreadsheet format.
  • Displays nutrition values of around 8000 ingredients provided by US Department of Agriculture.
  • Allows downloading diet plans as PDFs.
  • Simple and easy to use app.

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The Final Verdict:

wger Workout Manager is a nice free app to manage your workout and diet plans. It not only allows you to maintain workout and nutrition plans online, but also supports taking printout of them and follow them whenever you go to your gym or prepare food in the kitchen. Check it out now and give it a try.

Click here to visit wger Workout Manager!

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