Free Calorie Counter with Calorie Information for 50,000 Foods

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DietsInDetails is a free calorie counter software that allows users to list the food items consumed and count calories on a daily basis. This freeware contains a list of more than 50,000 food items to choose from and has information about their calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, saturated fat, and cholestrol. So, to record calories, you just have to select the food that you ate and this calorie counter will get calories of that food from its vast database. Users can choose the food items they ate during the day and compile a list. The app automatically keeps recording the calorie intake of the user. This can be done on a daily basis and users can maintain record of their everyday calorie intake and weight. If you are looking for weight loss, then this software can provide the first step by letting you be concius about your high calorie intake as well as your weight.

Basically, this calorie counter app acts as a reminder to control your eating habits. When you are recording your weight and calorie intake on a regular basis, it is bound to affect you mentally. After acquiring the habit of recording the food items daily, you will ultimately end up trying to eat less and healthy food to have a better record. This will ultimately result in weight loss.

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How To Use This Free Calorie Counter Software?

Users can begin using this calorie counter by selecting a date for which they want to record their data. The interface displays all the dates of the running month on top. After selecting a date , users can search the food items they ate during the day and compile a whole list. Food items can be deleted from the list in case they are added by mistake. The left side on the interface shows the number of calories, carbohydrates fats, etc. consumed by the user during the day. All this is counted automatically as you are creating the list. Remember that this app has a huge database of food item, so it will get calorie and other information directly from its database.

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Along with the above mentioned functions, you can enter weight on a daily basis. This is done to record all the weight changes taking place. All this data is recorded safely by this calorie recorder and can be accessed anytime to assess the progress.

Key Features Of DietsInDetails

This calorie counter app contains two interesting features: Chart and Diary. Both of them can be used by users for free.

  • The chart options allows users to graphically monitor their progress. A chart is shown with weight on one side and calories on other side. A yellow line is used to display the weight changes taking place.
  • The diary option allows users to add daily notes. You can add notes in the provided space and have a look at them whenever you want. These notes are saved safely  along with the other records and can be viewed anytime.

Final Verdict

This calorie counter app helps in reducing weight even without providing any tips or exercises to reduce weight. It is that sort of an app that begins to control the users mentally and forces them to cut down on their diet. Users end up loosing just by recording their daily eating habits. I just feel that the interface of the app can be made more attractive and some health tips can be included.

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