5 Free Online Pixel Art Maker Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free online pixel art maker websites. You can make free pixel art on these convenient, easy to use, and extremely simple websites.

Remember the old times when we used to play those video games and computer games that used pixel art in their graphics? Even some of the most iconic games like Mario, Contra, or the Snake game on the mobile phone had pixel art. Yes, that pixel art still exists. Graphics & visual effects have come a long way since then, leaving behind the pixel art. Yet it continues to exist for its simplicity, easy to make character, and for its retro appeal. It continues to live through favicons, icons in operating system with limited graphic abilities, low resolution mobile phones, etc. A lot of professionals and rookie graphic designers have shown interest in pixel art for its raw look which has triggered its return in the modern setup.

The 5 websites that let you make pixel art online reviewed here are piq, Pixel Art Maker, Make Pixel Art, Piskel, and make 8-bit art.


pixel art maker

piq is the first free online pixel art maker reviewed here. This is an easy to use platform with a very simple framework and some fun additional activities. The website intends to appeal to even those who have never made pixel art before. You can either sign up for a free account, or simply go ahead with making your own pixel art.  There is also a tutorial on the home page that you can go through before starting.

Signing up for a free account provides you access to an active community of users with whom you can indulge in discussions and more. There is also a public gallery of pixel art which has over 25000 free to use pictures for you. Also, there are weekly contests held by the website and various achievements ( 50 in total) that are waiting to be earned by you. Check out the link above.

Pixel Art Maker:

Pixel Art Maker

Pixel Art Maker is the second platform reviewed in this article. Unlike piq this is a straightforward art maker platform with no social community, contests, or achievements. There is also no need to sign up for an account, as you can simply make your piece of art and download it in png format on your system. However, you can visit the pixel art gallery of the websites and take a look at all the newest pixel art from the website for free.

Making pixel art here is pretty simple. There are tools available like a set of different pens to draw, eraser, marquee tool, option to choose between different colors, option to change grid, undo your last action, and more. You can also choose to hide the menu bar while you are drawing. Once you are done, there is an option to save the pixel art in Png format. As you click it you asked to name your art, describe it, select the size of pixel, and finally whether you want to include it in the public gallery or not. You also get a link to view your saved pixel art and download it on your system. Check out the link above.

Make Pixel Art:

pixel art maker

Make Pixel Art is the third website you can use for a free online pixel art maker. In terms of interface this is a little less attractive platform than its counterparts, but still has enough to keep you excited. Also, as far as its functions are concerned there are hardly any faults. You get all the basic tools you need to make pixel art and also share & download them on your system for free. You can change the background, change colors, drop a bomb to clear the canvas, turn on/off background volume, and much more. Once you are done with your pixel art, you can hit the option to save it. Upon hitting it, you will have to give a title to your pixel art and also add some keywords to find it easily. After this you can share it on various social networking platforms, and also download it through the provided link. Make Pixel art also has its own iPhone & android app that you can try out. Check out the link above.


pixel art maker

Piskel is the penultimate pixel art maker platform reviewed in this article. Piskel shares your love for the old-fashioned sprites and lets you create your own for free. You can sign up for a free account to maintain your own public gallery and save all your pixel art in it. However, there is no need for an account just to make one sprite. The tools available on the website include the usual ones and also some new ones like adding layers to your pixel art, rotating it, live preview of your work and more. You can also export your work to Gif format. Check out the link above to try it for yourself.

make 8-bit art:

pixel art maker

make 8-bit art is the final pixel art maker reviewed here for you. It’s an open source pixel art drawing tool made available for free to all users. You can visit here, express your creative self and share it with others. The website allows you to import an image from your system, export art in png format, etc. The editing tools include selecting pixel size, changing colors, undo/redo options, clear history, and more. Check out the link above to use this funky, simple, & efficient website.

If you are among those people who still love to use pixel art, then I am sure you would enjoy drawing on the above mentioned websites. There are many more similar websites available out there and if use them & think they are better than the ones reviewed here, we would love to hear about them from you.

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