5 Free Contra Games to Download on PC or Play Online

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Here is a list of 5 free Contra games for PC and Online gaming. Play different versions of Contra shooting game and have fun.

Contra is a famous classic video game from the 80’s. I have always played Contra games in my childhood and still I keep playing. Contra is all about two man team from the Special Elite forces; always on a mission to save the world from the Alien invasion. Contra is a never ending story, with three different versions named Contra, Super Contra, and Contra 3: Alien Wars. So, in this article I will give a short description about these three versions of Contra games and two online versions also.


contra games

This Contra is the original version of Contra game available for PC download. Play this original version of Contra video game on your PC.

Contra is an action packed shooting game and most fun when played in two player mode. In this version the original Contra guys Mad Dog and Scorpion are on a mission to protect the world from evil forces “The Red Falcon”. In this game you can use a cheat code; where you can increase your number of life’s to 30 and play. Read this detailed review on Contra to know how. You can also save your progress at any point and start from that point later.

Click here to Download Contra.

Super Contra:

Super C Intro

Super Contra or Super C is the successor of Contra game. Download and play this action packed game on your PC.

The Red Falcon team is totally washed out in the previous version; but they are back for a revenge with the Aliens. That is why this game is also called Return of Evil Forces. Now Mad Dog and Scorpion of the Elite forces have to permanently kill them. There is more action involved in this game and tough game to beat than previous one. You can save at any point in this game also and load it whenever you want to play.

Read a detailed review on Super Contra here and Download Here.

Contra 3: Alien Wars

Contra Alien Wars Final

Contra 3 Alien Wars is the third version of Contra. Download and play Alien wars on your computer for free.

In Contra 3 the successors of Mad Dog and Scorpion are here to protect the Earth. In 2636 A.D. Jimbo and Sully has to par through six tough stages to beat this game. This is tougher than the previous versions of Contra. You can Change your number of life’s to 3 or 5 or 7 and you will get a bonus life after scoring points. You can perform stunts also in this Contra game.
Click here to read more about Contra 3 and Download here.

Contra Flash (Online):

contra flash

Contra Flash is an online version of original Contra video game. Play contra with spread gun and 30 life’s.

Update: (July 13, 2013) This game is no longer available. You can try rest of the games listed in this article.

Contra flash is sponsored by Kongregate website for Contra fans. In this game you get to play contra with 30 life’s and with spread gun by default. So, this makes you play this game without any difficulty. You can change the difficulty level and play if you find it very easy. The controls are also indicated beside the game: [WASD] for movement, [H] to pause or start the game, [J] to shoot, and [K] to jump. Player 2 controls are arrow keys for direction and [1] for shooting, and [2] for jumping. I could go to the last level without any problem with that spread gun and 30 life’s and finished it. Try this Contra game yourself.

Click here to Play Contra Online on Kongregate website.

Contra Online:


This is also a Contra game from the website Ziggygames. This one is a tough version of all the Contra games but you can increase your life’s up to 30 in this online game.

This Contra version is a little different from original one but it looks like the older version only. There’s a time limit also for this game and tough gameplay. Same contra sceneries and same villains but a little tough.

Read a detailed review of Contra Online here and Play it here.

Contra is always a famous video game then and now. Always the heroes are on a mission to save the world from Aliens invasion. This action shooting game is available for Android also; read about Contra for Android. Download any of the above versions and play on your PC or else play online; and have fun.

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