5 Free Websites To Play Learning Games For Kids

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play learning games for kids. You can indulge your kids in some really interesting games that also help them to learn various new things.

We all know how Internet is being used to teach kids in all the educational institutes & everywhere. Smart classes have taken over the usual ways of a classroom and a lot of teaching stuff has gone digital. Teachers everywhere have also acknowledged the benefits of indulging students in fun activities online as it helps children to learn more in less time. It is because these activities are more inclusive and fun that children love to do them. We have already reviewed websites like playing math games online and playing science games online. This article goes beyond one chosen field and covers a wide range of subjects that children can enjoy and learn. All you got to do select one game from many available options and let your children take over.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are Learning Games For kids, FunBrain, thekidzpage, Fisher Price, and ABCya.

Learning Games For Kids:

Learning Games For Kids

The first online platform reviewed in this article is Learning Games For Kids. The website serves to be a right place for elementary and preschool kids who can learn various skills required to be learnt at their level. The website not only includes games, but also online lessons, songs, rhymes, etc. that help children in their overall development. It focuses on building language skills, improving ability to solve math problems, teaching science facts through songs, social science lessons, and much more. These lessons, songs, and games are divided into different categories like math facts, math games, science songs, animal and nature games, word games, art and music games, and much more. All these games are available free of cost and you can enjoy them without creating any account or anything. Check out the link above.


learning games for kids

FunBrain is the next platform that you should try out to access some good learning games for kids. FunBrain is again a platform that helps elementary school kids learn lessons in different field of studies especially mathematics, and also go through some interesting comics, movie reviews etc. There is also a virtual playground that includes various fun games that kids can play. These games include options like Shape Invasion where you have to match the shapes of characters on ground to the shapes falling ever so slowly from the sky.

The home page of the website has 4 different sections that are named as Arcades, All games, Books & comics, and More fun. The first two sections provide for various math games like Tic Tac Toe Squares, Math Baseball, etc. and also some fun games for parents and kids. The Books & Comics section includes various popular comics like Diary of a Wimpy Kid that children can read online for free. Check out the link above to know more.


learning games for kids

Next up in line to get free learning games for kids is thekidzpage. The introductory lines of the website make it clear that there are no login or sign ups required to access the available material and that it’s a plain, simple, and fun platform for kids of all age who can come and play some educational games for free. The website provides no access to social networking, which, it believes should be left to the older crowd. The games include number games, Sudoku games, picture games, memory games, maze games, logic puzzles, and more. Each of these categories has multiple games that you can play for free. The website is mainly desirable for two reasons: Firstly, it has a larger pool of games divided into almost 10 different categories. Secondly, the website also offers some free printable games. You can print these sheets and play the game with your parents. Check out the link above.

Fisher Price:

learning games for kids

Fisher Price is yet another free platform you must try out to find some interesting learning games for kids. The website has a beautiful interface and includes games that focus on parents and children both spending time with each other while playing. It offers games for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. You can choose to sort games depending on the category your child belongs to or take a look at all of them. Also you can determine the character and type of games you want to indulge your children in. The character category includes options like little people, planet heroes, power wheels, etc. while the types include adventure, animals, coloring & numbers, musical, and many more. Apart from these different games, there are also some online videos, craft activities that you can perform with your little ones to explore their capabilities. Check out the link above and start playing.


learning games for kids

ABCya is the final platform in this platform for playing learning games for kids. The website has probably the most attractive interface out the 5 websites reviewed in this article. It has games for kindergarten kids up to grade 5 children and you can choose your age group on the interface itself. There is also separate section on the interface that lists the top games on the week. You can choose to play any of these games for free.

Once you have chosen a particular group for yourself, you will find that the games in that particular group are further divided into multiple categories like letter games, number games, strategy, skills, etc. Go through these categories and choose the games you wanna play. Check out the link above.

One thing that binds all these free games available on all the above reviewed websites is that they are all educational and aim to teach your kids a lesson or two. Make your kids play these games and come back to share their progress with us.

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