5 Websites to Play Science Games for Kids

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Here is a list of 5 websites to play Science games for kids. Science is a really interesting subject, but it can be tricky for kids when they’re reading about complex concepts or the concepts with a lot of names to remember. In that case, the kids can start avoiding Science and might even feel scared of it. So to help you with this situation, I will talk about 5 websites which offer Science games for kids. It means your kids will be learning and remembering the complex Science concepts while doing the thing which they love to do the most –  Play. These websites provide your kids with a lot of Science games to enhance the interest of your kids towards learning Science.

So, let’s get started.

1. Science Kids:

Science Kids

Science Kids is the website which is completely focused on helping kids learn and understand Science in a better way. The website has a specific section for kids to play Science games. The games are divided into following sections: Living Things, Physical Processes, Solid, Liquid & Gases, and Detective Science. Each of them has multiple Science games based on some particular science concept. For example if you choose Physical Processes, you will find games for Changing Electricity Circuits, Magnets & Springs, Forces in Action, How We See, Friction, etc..

Detective Science

All the games are interesting, but I loved playing Detective Science. It is a different section on the website where you will see 9 Science games in which your kid will play as a secret agent. Each game has a mystery case which has to be solved by your kid using his knowledge and different Scientific concepts like gravity, magnets, friction, electricity, chemistry, plants, life cycles, etc.. For each of the case, the website gives an idea about the scientific concepts which will be required for solving it.

2. Sheppard Software:

Brain Pop

Sheppard Software has Science games for kids on various concepts. Some of them are Cell Games, Seasons, Life Cycles, DinoMight, Animal Classification, Deep Sea Science, Skeleton Games, and many more. Each of these is like a category which includes various activities and games for your kids to learn while enjoying.  You can then choose to try out any activity or game to play and enjoy it.

You can see the example of DinoMight in the screenshot below.


3.  Primary Games:

Primary Games

The next website in the list is Primary Games which provides interesting science games for kids. Each of them is based on a specific purpose, some of them are: Silly Monster Dentist, Cosmic Clean, Ozone, Brilliant Brushers,  Science Videos, Germ Hunter, Bugs & Insects, etc.. All of the games have a brief description to give you an idea about.


Out of the games, I enjoyed the game named as Ozone. In the game, you have to protect the Ozone layer of the Earth to protect all the living beings. You will see the Earth with environment affecting buildings appearing on it. You have to click on them to make them Ozone friendly buildings. Do keep in mind, you’ve to do it in time before it gets too late and all the living beings are dead.

4. Learn4Good:


Learn4Good is the website which has really cool Science games for kids to play and enjoy. There are plenty of games and for each of them, the website shows a detailed description of the game. All of the games require a lot of concentration and skills from your kids to play them. You can also choose to browse the games on the basis of their popularity in USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and United Kingdom.

FWG Bridge Game

The one game which I liked playing is FWG Bridge Game. In the game, you have to build a solid bridge within the given budget. When you will build it, little creatures will try to cross to check its durability. There are also different levels in the game which means it will get more and more difficult to build a strong enough bridge. This game is basically a test of physics learning of your kid.

5. Brain Pop:

Fly to Mars

Brain Pop is the last website and it has a total of 52 games in the list for your kids. There some really interesting science games like Fly to Mars, Guts & Bolts, Food Chain Game, Build-A-Tree, Refraction, and lots of others.

Among all the games, I loved Fly to Mars the most. In this game, you have to launch a spacecraft in the space such that it lands on Mars. To do this, you have to analyze the speed of rotation of Mars and the time point when the launched spacecraft would meet Mars.


These are the 5 free websites to play Science games for kids. Check them out and help your kids learn and practice Science concepts while having fun at the same time.

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