17 Free Websites to Get Random Facts

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Here is a list of 17 free websites to get random facts. These websites provide you with a lot of facts which are not only interesting, but also unbelievable. There are weird and crazy facts as well. These facts are available from a wide range of categories like daily life, celebrities, animals, health, the human body, world, history, science, space, etc..

Some of the websites let you choose the category while some just show facts randomly. There are also various ways to share the facts you like with others.

So let’s get started.

1. Factslides:


Factslides is the first free website in this list to get random facts. As the name suggests, the website displays all the interesting facts in the form of slides. You can browse through the slides either by using the mouse or the left/right arrow keys. All the facts are displayed in a colorful way along with a link to the source behind that particular fact. Some of the facts also carry a photo related to the fact. All the slides include animations by default, but you can choose to either turn them off completely or simply set the time delay for them.

When you will open the website, it shows facts randomly but you can choose to opt for any particular category from the list of categories. To go to the list, you need to scroll down. There are more than 50 categories for you to browse.

2. Mental_Floss:


Mental_Floss is the website which provides you with interesting facts as well as various other informative resources. Talking about the interesting facts, the website has an amazing fact generator. It means there’s no option to choose the categories or filtering the facts. You just need to click on the Hit Me Again! button and the website will throw a random fact at you every time you click it.

The other interesting resources which the website provide are Big Questions, Hypersonic, Videos, Lists, and Quizzes. You can refer to them to know about various other interesting stuff and answers/reasons for various things which you might be following in your day-to-day life without even questioning it.

3. OMG Facts:

OMG Facts

The next website OMG Facts has a good collection of amazing facts and it does stay true to its name. There are no specific categories or tags to filter the facts, but there are various list articles which show various interesting facts of a specific type in the form of a list. Each of the facts is accompanied by a few lines mentioning the explanation behind the fact.

4. The Fact Site:

The Fact Site

The Fact Site has various random and bizarre facts spread across 11 categories: Animals, Bizarre, Celebrities, Films & TV, Food & Drink, Games, Health & Body, Holidays & Events, Religion, Space, and Tech. The website shows all the facts in the form of a list. Apart from categories, each of the list is also tagged which means you can also browse facts on the basis of the tags.

5. Today I Found Out:

Today I Found Out

Today I Found Out website has various categories of the facts as well as various other sources to help you increase your knowledge. Some of the categories of facts are Infographics, Answers, Animals, Entertainment, History, Language, People, Science, etc.. Apart from these categories, there is also an option called Surprise. As the name suggests, this option gives you facts to read from a random category. The other interesting sections of the website are Videos, Podcasts, Quick Facts, and Wise Book of Whys.

6. Unkno:


Unkno (Unnecessary Knowledge) is the website which doesn’t have any category, tag, search, or anything else to help you filter or look for the facts. There’s only a button Generate Fact which will show you a random fact every time you will click it. It might happen that a few facts get repeated, but the website does have a good collection of facts. The only feature which I missed while using the website is that there’s no way to share the facts you love with others. Other than this, it is a worth visiting website.

7. Kickass Facts:

Kickass Facts

Kickass Facts website has the tagline The Most Interesting Facts and I assure you that it lives up to it perfectly. The website has really interesting facts various sections like Picfacts, History’s badasses, Random facts, Infographics, Bizarre, Countries, etc.. The unique thing about the website is that it includes a detailed explanation about each of the facts included by them. There’s also a link to the source page of each of the facts.

The Random Facts section of the website has a series of articles listing 25 random facts in each of them. At the time of writing this, the section has a total of 133 articles.

8. WTF Facts:

WTF Facts

WTF Facts is a Tumblr blog where you will find interesting and unbelievable facts. You can look for facts on the basis of Random Facts as well as on categories. Some of the categories are Movies, Health, Food, Technology, Law, Gaming, Weird, History, Places, etc.. As of now, the website has a collection 4200+ interesting facts and each of them is captioned on a photo. As I said, the website is a Tumblr blog so you can also reblog any of the facts.

9. InterestingFacts.net:

Interesting Facts

InterestingFacts.net website has all the facts categorized in 15 categories with many of them having sub-categories. On choosing the category, you will see all the facts listed under that category. All of the categories are listed in bullet points while some of them also has photos. Apart from facts, the website also offers Optical Illusions and Trivia Quizzes.

10. Useless Facts:

Useless Facts

The website Useless Facts has various facts categorized as Interesting facts, Animal facts, Food facts, Sport facts, and Chuck Norris facts. All the facts are displayed in the form of lists with different background color. There are no other options. You simply need to choose the category and then go through the listing. There is not even any option to share the facts with others.

11. Fact Monster:

Fact Monster

Fact Monster has a nice collection of facts spread across different range of categories. Some of them are World, United States, People, Science, Sports, etc.. For each of the categories, the website has a lot of sub-categories. Depending upon the sub-category chosen by you, the website will show all the facts listed under it.  There are a few of them which have a photo with them otherwise most of them are simply listed as bullet points.

12. Space Facts:

Space Facts

As the name suggests, Space Facts website provides you with fascinating facts related to the space. You can choose to browse the facts on the basis of planets, galaxies, and solar system. For each of the category, there are various sub-categories to select. On choosing the sub-category, the website shows the details related to the it followed by the facts.

13. Daily Random Facts:

Daily Random Facts

Daily Random Facts website has 6 main categories of facts: Interesting facts, Celebrity facts, Animal facts, Fun facts, Random facts, and WTF facts. All the facts are shown by the website in the form of photos. You can easily go to previous/next fact. There’s also a button called Surprise Me! which shows you a random fact whenever you will click on it.

14. Random History:

Random Histoy

Random History is the website which has facts related to various types of categories, but there are no specific category options for you to click on and see the facts. However, there are following categories: Random Facts Shuffler, Newest Fact Lists, and Most Popular Facts. You can choose to browse facts as per your choice and if you are in no mood of going through long lists, then simply click on Random Fact Shuffler. It will show you a random fact every time you will click on it. Along with each of the random facts, the website suggests you a list of facts to read.

15. Crazy Facts:

Crazy Facts

The website Crazy Facts has 3 categories of facts: Facts, Videos, and Pictures. Besides this, you can also browse the facts on the basis of Random Fact, Lists, and Most Popular Today. The website has a simple UI with the facts being listed in simple text form and no colorful backgrounds or other similar stuff. There are options to share the facts with others using different social media. You can also vote the facts on the basis of your belief on them. Other than facts, the website also lists different quotes.

16. RandomLifeFacts:

Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Random Life Facts

The next website RandomLifeFacts has a good collection of facts but without any categorization. There is also not even any search bar for you to look out for the specific type of facts you want to read. So, your only option is to go through all the facts one by one. You can then choose to share the facts you like with others using your favorite social media.

17. Unbelievable Facts:

Unbelievable Facts

The last website in this list is Unbelievable Facts. The website offers you two ways of browsing the facts: Archive and Random. The Archive option gives you the choice of filtering the facts either by month or post type. While the Random option shows you facts from all the available categories randomly.

These are the 17 free websites to get random facts. Check them out to find out some really interesting, unbelievable, and crazy facts.

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