5 Free Websites To Get Daily Motivational Quotes In Email

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Here is a list of 5 free websites that you can subscribe to receive daily motivational quotes in your email account, for free. These motivational quotes are sent to you on a daily basis, with the aim to lift up your mood and make you feel determined. Inspirational stories, or quotes always help us in making feel more determined as all of us can relate to it. We all go through ups and downs in our lives and these quotes act as a motivator of sorts. Therefore, I have come up with these 5 free websites that send you motivational quotes regularly and put some positive energy in you.

Daily Motivational Quotes

The 5 websites to get daily motivational quotes, reviewed in this article are Inspirational Reminders, The Daily Guru, Daily Good, My Daily Insights, and Motivational Quote Of The Day.

Inspirational Reminders:

Inspirational Reminders

The first website to get daily motivational quotes is Inspirational Reminders. The website sends you inspirational quotes on a daily basis, after going through a simple registration process. You just have to enter your name, email id, and you are done. You will begin to receive motivational stuff from the next day onwards. The website not only sends you inspirational quotes, but also inspirational videos, friendship poems, funny jokes, etc. The website contains a mix of all of these and sends you one of them randomly each day. On the home page of the website also, you will find lots of quotes segregated into different categories like famous quotes, inspirational quotes, success quotes.

Subscribe to Inspirational Reminders from here.

The Daily Guru:

The Daily Guru

Second website to get daily motivational quotes in your email is The Daily Guru. It is a very simple website where you just have to subscribe and read your daily motivational messages in your inbox. Instead of sending just motivational quotes, the website sends you motivational messages on a daily basis. The messages relate to various aspects of your day-to-day life and you can learn a lot from them. They also make you feel positive and relaxed. Other than sending you motivational quotes and messages, the website also provides you tips for meditation. You can read these tips on the website.

Subscribe to The Daily Guru here.

Daily Good:

Daily Good

Daily Good is my next choice to receive daily motivational quotes in email. The website sends you the most inspiring news and stories happening around the world. Everyday, you will receive some inspiring news or a motivational story, coupled with a quote, that will make you feel positive and good. You will receive stories like someone doing something good for nature, someone making a generous gesture or other such positive actions. The website also lets you share a new story so that it can be sent to other users, to make them feel good and positive.

Subscribe to Daily Good from here.

My Daily Insights:

My Daily Insights

Fourth website to receive daily motivational quotes is My Daily Insights. The website holds a very rich repository of motivational quotes. You have to subscribe to this website by entering your name and email id. It is just a one step procedure and hardly takes any time. Once you have subscribed to receive daily quotes, the website will send you one of them everyday. Just read them and feel motivated. It is a very straightforward website and contains only motivational quotes. There are no poems, stories, new, or tips that you can receive.

Subscribe to My Daily Insights from here.

Motivational Quote Of The Day:

Motivational Quote Of The Day

Motivational Quote Of The Day is the fifth and final website to receive daily motivational quotes, in my list. The motivational quotes are sent to you early in the morning, so that you read them before your day starts and feel good about yourself. All you have to do or you can do is subscribe to the website and read your daily quotes in your email. Subscribing is also very simple as you just have to enter your name and email (like in other websites). The website has a good base of dedicated users and it lets you share your experience with them.

Subscribe to Motivational Quote Of The Day here.

All these 5 websites are available to you for free. You can try them out and begin receiving positive daily motivational quotes and stories that will make you feel better and positive. Subscribe to them and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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