Motivational Tool to Keep You Motivated Towards Healthy Habits: Chains

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Chains is very simple web application based on the idea of creating routines to keep you motivated for keeping up the Good habits and breaking the Bad ones. There are things which we want to do but just not able to get to it, for instance exercising, following healthy diet routine etc., but are not motivated enough for the same, sometimes because of our laziness. So, if you have been looking out for something which could drive a little motivation in you to get on the pending things, or to keep you motivated to follow Good habits, then the answer that you are looking for is Chains.

The idea of Chains is very unique, and is getting popular with the users as well. It lets you create Chains of things that you want to do and are not able to do. For example, I have created Two Chains, one for cycling and one for jogging. Starting from Today, I will have to mark the circles corresponding to the days when I did cycling or went for jogging.


You can design your page, connect with people and groups which will keep you motivated to follow up the activities to continuing your chain of activity.


Adding New activity is very easy as you just have to click on Add new activity, and it will add one more chain. Instructions are easy to follow, for example, you can double click to rename the task. Chains provide some setting options as well like, Select days which are to be excluded when you will not be cycling. You can select the type of Skin, for that several options are provided. You can create chain of almost anything that you want to do.


To fill in the update on your activity, you just have to click on the empty circle in front of that date. Like if I am running on every alternate day or skipping my routine, then there is no chain or continuation and I will strive to complete this chain. If I enjoy cycling more and do it every day, and the chain is in formation, which will keep me motivated to continue it and not to break the chain.

Key Feature of Chains:

  • A great motivational application that lets you keep a track of any thing that you want to do but are not able to do.
  • It is free to use.
  • It provides various options to change the Skin and Theme.
  • Chains provide in-built suggestions for what goes in where.
  • You can create new group, search and connect with the group of like-minded people who are following similar kind of routine, chat with them, compete with them.
  • You can set scores like how many days you are a leader on your chain and Others can compete with you.
  • You can talk about your fitness routines, share your diet etc. on Facebook account.
  • It is also available on App Store.

Overall Review

Chains is a really nice idea and the website has very simple and intuitive user interface. Signing Up is easy, fast and hassle free. You can add Groups which will push you to pursue the activity keeping the motivation factor high. However, to follow any activity or to build any good habit, you need to be serious about it, Chains will only help you to be on track. You can check out Chains from this link.

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