5 Free Websites To Maintain Personal Health Record Online

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Here is a list of 5 Free websites to maintain personal health record online. You can create your health chart and save it online, in your account, for free. These websites can prove to be very helpful as you can store all your medical details in an organized manner and also edit it from time to time. Your doctors can easily see your medical history online and take care of the rest. The websites also allow you to add emergency contacts and features like reminders, expert articles, are also available.

The 5 free websites to maintain personal health record online that I have reviewed here are HealthVault, MedHelp, FreeHealthTrack, Doclopedia, and myMediConnect.


HealthVault-personal health record-dashboard

First personal health record website is HealthVault. It is an official website by Microsoft and completely justifies the reputation attached to it. The website allows you to add your medical details like weight, heart rate, blood pressure, allergies and more in different available categories. The categories are named like in a doctor’s report. All your information is saved and you can edit & print it anytime you want. You can also add another person to your account and create their record. There is also one sharing feature using which you can share your medical information with a trusted person. They can access your account till the level you allow them (view account, view and edit, etc.). Lastly, HealthVault lets you use various apps and devices and link them to your account. There are different apps like emergency apps, apps to access account on mobile device and more that you can use.

Try HealthVault here.

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MedHelp is the next personal health record website in this list. This website is like an online community where all the users create their health records, and also share it with others. In your account, you can add your medical information like weight, height, diseases in past, allergies, medications and many more. You can choose to keep this information personal or public. There are various trackers as well like weight tracker, mood tracker that you can use. All your entries are saved in your account for future use.

As I mentioned above, MedHelp is an online community. You can interact with other users, befriend them, update status, write journals, read journals written by others. There are many expert forums as well that you can join and consult doctors over various medical issues. A chat forum is also available, that you can join to take part in various health chat sessions.

Try MedHelp here.



Moving on, the next personal health record website is FreeHealthTrack. It is a very simple and straightforward website to use. You can create a simple chart, using this website, and print it when required. The first step is to create a free account. After that, you can click the Add New patient option and enter basic details like height and weight. The website allows you to add more than one patient or person in an account and record their health data separately. Once you are in your account, there are categories like medications, conditions, allergies, procedures. You can add information in each of these categories and save it. Information can be edited any time and graphs are also available for you to see.

Try FreeHealthTrack here.



Fourth website to maintain personal health record is, Doclopedia. This is also a very simple to use website with a wizard like interface. You have to begin by adding details of your medical history, wherein, you have to add all the details like past surgeries, diagnosis, medications, and more. There are different tabs for all these details, and you have to go through each one of them, step by step. Among these various tabs, one Doctor tab is also there. You have to add details of your doctors in this tab, and this comes in handy for seeking appointments with them. After, all the information is added, you can generate a PDF document, including all the added information, and print it.

Try Doclopedia here.



myMediConnect is the fifth and final website to maintain personal health record. It is a very interesting website with some really creative features. You can start by adding all your medical information in the Health Record tab. All this is kept safely in your account and you can create a list of doctors with whom you would like to share the information. This can be done in the Doctor Connector tab. Moving ahead, the website also provides you with a reminder to use. You can connect your mobile device, by adding the phone number, and receive reminders on your phone. The list of features does not end here. There are two very interesting tabs that you will see in your account: Health savings and health education. Health saving tab contains calculators like quit smoking calculator, quit smoking meter, and more. These different calculators count the money you save and health benefits you gain. In the health education tab, you can receive tips to stay healthy. The only problem with this website is that, it can prove to be a bit tricky to understand at first.

Try myMediConnect here.

As the adage goes ‘Health is wealth”, these personal health record websites provide you help to take care of your health, especially in emergency situations. So, use these websites and have your personal health record ready all the time.

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