5 Free Online Coloring Websites For Kids

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Here is a list of 5 free online coloring website for kids. The simplicity of nature of these websites combined with an easy to decipher headline does not leave much to be explained. All you kids can visit these websites by clicking on the provided links, through the course of this article, and find your favorite coloring sheets there. There are no complicated procedures involved, or no money required to get access to these websites. The sites have been designed keeping in mind solely the interest of kids, and, as a result, the interface of every website gives you a glimpse of your childhood days.

The 5 free online coloring websites reviewed here are Coloring Book Pages, TheColor, Coloring4all, Coloring, and Online-Coloring.com.

Coloring Book Pages:

online coloring websites

The first online coloring website for kids is Coloring Book Pages. This is an extremely useful website in the sense that it helps in devolving skills of your child through different coloring sheets available for free. Coloring might seem to be an effortless and not so productive activity, but contrary to such perceptions, coloring acts as a source of self-expression, gaining focus, helps is color recognition, coordination, and also acts as a relief therapy for kids.

On this website, you will find different types of coloring sheets that can be easily printed. For example, there are dot coloring sheets wherein, you have to first connect the dots and then color it. There are also sheets in which your kids will have to fill colors by numbers. Lastly, you can also select coloring sheets that come with a series of drawings, or sheets that come with a single shape. All such coloring sheets are available under different categories, and you can access them all without signing up.

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Online coloring website

Another free online coloring website reviewed here for kids is TheColor. This is yet another simple to use website, which requires to sign up if you wish to enjoy all the available features. You can also choose to sign up with your Facebook account. Once you have signed up, you can go through all the coloring sheets available on the website as thumbnails. Select the one you like, and start coloring it online, or print it without filling colors, if you wish to fill colors manually, or shade it. However, the website provides you all the different colors that you may require. In case you do not like the artwork you have created, you have the option of retrying all over again. Once satisfied with the outcome, you can print it, save it in your account, and also share it with your online friends. Try it out from the link above.


online coloring website

The third free online coloring website in the queue is Coloring4all. It has got a lot of interesting options available for you and your children, and together you can access all these features without signing up, or paying anything. Other than providing simple coloring sheets, which also has its own benefits, this website has got options like dot to dot drawings, drawing puzzles, printable sheets, and more. Dot to Dot drawings require your children to connect all the dots together, before they can begin with the coloring procedure. You can either choose to fill colors online, or print the sheets, and color it manually.

As far as the coloring sheets are concerned, it has to be given to this website that it provides you with a lot of interesting shapes and drawings to color. From popular cartoon characters like Ben10, tom&jerry, to basic shapes & drawings of animals, you will find it all on this website. Visit the link given above, and choose the ones of your choice.


online coloring website

Coloring is fourth in the list of free online coloring website that I have reviewed for you. Compared to other above mentioned websites, you will not find anything significantly different here. However, this does not degrade the utility of this website by any means. It has a large tank of coloring sheets available for free to all its users, and new sheets are uploaded from time to time. There is a different column on the home page which showcases all the newly added sheets. All the other sheets, already available on the website, are divided under different categories. They are all listed as thumbnails, and you can choose your favorite among them to color. If you wish to color these sheets online, click the appropriate option given on the home page & start coloring. Once done, you can save it on your system, or share it on Facebook.


Online coloring website

In terms of providing a kids friendly interface that suits their interest and goes in line with the topic of this article, Online-Coloring.com easily beats all the other websites mentioned here. From its logo on top of the home page till the bottom of that page, you will find numerous interesting shades and characters that catch your attention. Thus, this website surely deserves a shot simply because it’s too good-looking to avoid.

In terms of its functions, this is another simple platform that does not require any registration. There are various categories on the home page itself, and each of these categories contains multiple sheets. You can either choose to color them online & then print, or print without coloring. If you choose to color it online, you will have an eraser at your disposal, to delete the colors you do not like. Try it out from the link given above.

Go ahead try out all these above mentioned online coloring website to provide your kids with interesting platforms to fulfill their interests.

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