5 Free Websites To Play Snake Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play Snake online. You can play your favourite Snake game on these websites for free.

Before I begin with the list of free websites, I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Nokia for introducing us to this amazing game. Long before Android hit the market and we became accustomed to some really great mobile games, this simple game was our antidote to fight boredom. If you were to judge this game according to the benchmarks set in recent times like  graphics, animations, music, etc. then I am sure Snake would score a big zero. But, as I said earlier, that was long before we became accustomed to a recent lot of games.

Snake Game

Now, with changing times, this archaic game has also changed a bit. The websites mentioned below in this article, have twisted the graphics of the game a bit, and have managed to maintain its original taste at the same time. Moreover, they have given a new life to the game that was on the verge of extinction. Let us have a look.


play snake online

Yes, the name of the website does not go with the topic of the article at all. But, this is one of my 5 favorite platforms where you can play Snake online. There are other things as well on the website, but the link given below will directly guide you to the page where you can play the game. The interface of the game is a bit different, as you can see from the screenshot, but it cannot be denied that it looks good. Before you begin the game, you can read all the instructions on the main screen. Once, you have begun playing, your snake will keep getting bigger in size as you earn more points. Nothing, except the display, of the game is different from its original version on the mobile.

Snake Online:

Snake Online

Snake online is the second free online platform where you can play Snake online. It is very easy to understand the controls of the game as everything is given on the main screen. There are three levels to choose from: Slug, Warm, and Python. Once you have chosen your level, you will enter the game area. The arrow keys on your keyboard will help you guide your snake and earn maximum points. In case you have to pause the game, hit the Space bar. The graphics of the game are original and give you the same feeling as if your were playing on any Nokia set. The website is completely free and does not require any registration as well.


play snake online

Kongregate is home to a lot of free online games and Snake is one of the many games available on this website. I have mentioned this website in a couple of other articles as well. The link provided above will directly take you to the page where you can play Snake online.  This website does not require you to go through any registration process and you can start playing your favourite game straight away. However, if you wish to share your score with your friends or rate the game, then you can create a free account with the website.

Playing Snake on this platform is very easy. You have to control your snake with  the arrow keys and score as many points as you. The level will keep on increasing, and occasionally you will the get the chance to earn bonus points.

Play Snake:

Play Snake

Play Snake is the fourth website in this list to play Snake online. This website is meant solely for the purpose of playing your favourite game. You do not have create any account or anything and start playing the game directly. There are three levels to choose from: Slug, Worm, Python. The speed of the snake depends upon the level you choose. One interesting feature of this game is the background music. Every time you score a point, hit a wall, or do something else, a male voice speaks in the background. You can choose to mute the voice, if you want to. Once you are finished with the game, you can register your score on the website with your name. Your score appears in the long list of high scores scored by other participants who played the game on this platform.


play snake online

oneonlinegames is the fifth and final website in this list to play Snake online. This is a very interesting website as you get to choose from a lot of options. The website has a lot of Snake games to offer. Of  course, a lot of these games are totally different from the iconic Snake game we are discussing about. But nevertheless, they are good alternatives.

Apart from these games, the website also has the Snake game we are talking about. It has been named Snake without limits. Its graphics have been tweaked a bit and look really cool. You can choose to play the game with boundaries or without boundaries. Once you have chosen, you enter the game area. The controls of the game are the same.

All these above mentioned websites provide a chance to once again play your favourite game for free. I just wish that these websites had an option to play the game in full screen mode. Anyway, they are efficient, and let you play the game without any difficulties. So, go ahead and try them out.

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