5 Free Websites To Play Ludo Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play ludo online. On these websites, you can play Ludo online with nice looking game-boards and dice.

We all know that Ludo has served as one of the most popular family games for a long time now, and it still continues to do so. Be it social gatherings, house parties, or a birthday bash, Ludo has been played on a lot of such occasions. But if I were to ask you one problem that is associated with Ludo, what would be your answer? It is that you always need at least one more person willing to play the game with you. Well, technically it is possible to play the game alone, but that won’t be fun right? So, I have come up with 5 free online versions of Ludo game where you can play the game even if you are alone. The website serves as your other 3 partners.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are freeonlinegames, gameflare, knugo, gamezarena, and novelgames. 

Some of these website might be included in some of our other articles as well as they provide options to play other games as well.


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The first website to play Ludo online is freeonlinegames. The name of the game on this website is Flash Ludo. It is just like playing the game manually on a Ludo board. You are randomly given a color and you get the first chance to roll the dice. A dice is provided just below the board and you just have to click it to roll it. If you score a six, you open your account and move forward. Every time you cut your opposition’s token you get an extra chance. To read the full instructions of the game, you can click on the Help button shown in the Menu. You can also view the total time and rounds shown just above the board.

The game works perfectly without any lags, as I found out while testing. The only drawback in my opinion is that the game moves at a very fast pace. At times, you do not even realize that it’s your turn to roll the dice. But, this should not deter you from playing Ludo online on this website.

Try it out here.



If you want to play your Ludo online with a bit of twist and turns, then gameflare is an ideal platform for you. This website allows you to play Ludo online with some twisted rules of its own. You get 3 chances to open your account and there are symbols that acts as a booster for your player. There is a star sign and another ball like sign. Every time, you step up on these signs, your token automatically takes a few extra steps. To open your account, you need to get that ball like sign on the dice. Number 6 and 1, used traditionally to open the account, do not work on this website. There are many more twists that you understand while playing the game.

Although it was difficult for me to understand the game in the beginning, I did start to enjoy once I was aware of them. If you also want to try out Ludo with some new rules, then do it  here.


play ludo online

Knugo is the third website in this list to play Ludo online. The website has a couple of options for you to choose from. The only difference between these different Ludo games is of the presentation. The one game I have reviewed here for you is Magic Ludo. To begin with, the game has beautiful animations and as you start playing, it keeps on getting more and more beautiful.

You can begin by choosing a house of your choice and spinning the dice. If you manage to get a smiley symbol, you open your account. The rules of the games are similar to the traditional rules followed by everyone. As I said earlier, the animations in the game are very pretty. Each of the token has a different expression on its face, and every time a token moves forward, a big smile appears on its face. The children are going to love this platform.

Try it out here.


play ludo online

Moving forward, gamezarena is another interesting platform to play Ludo online. The animations of the game on this platform are also very pretty and children will enjoy them a lot. Before you begin the game, there are two important tabs to check out: Options and Rules. The rules tab, obviously, is for understanding the rules of the game. In the options tab, you can make changes like, turn on music, turn on animations, change difficulty level, and a couple more. The best option is to choose your token. There are four different shapes of token available for you to choose from. I did not find so many options on any other platform. After this you can begin with your game play.

The website also allows you to register your final score after the match is over. For this, you will have to create a free account with the website.

Try it out here.


play ludo online

novelgames is the fifth and final website here in this list to play Ludo online. Compared to all the above mentioned websites, the graphics on this website are very sober and old-fashioned. You can enter the playing area as a guest or create a free account and then enter.

Once you enter the game area, you will see a lot of games going on different tables. You have to create your own table in order to begin playing. To create a table, you need 3 more players. If there are no players available at that time, you can invite the customized Robots in the game area to play with you. As the game begins, you find out all the rules of the game. Every player rolls the dice when their chance comes, and the game continues till one of you wins. There is a time limit for every player. If you do not make a move in that time, you loose the game.

Try it out here.

Try out all these above mentioned websites to play Ludo online and let us know how did you like them.

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