5 Free Websites To Play Mario Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play Mario online. Most of these website provide you with the original game and same graphics. Whereas, some of the websites have tweaked the game a bit in order to make it more interesting. Let us have a look at them.

Now this is something we all love. Mario has no doubt consumed a major chunk of our childhood. It is one of the very few games that have had an impact on people of all ages and had managed to stand the test of time. However, in recent years the it can be said that people have taken interests in lots of other games around them, and Mario has lost a bit of ground. But, one still can’t rule out the game completely and it still continues to be cherished. Thus, in today’s world an online version of the game can surely be regarded as its life saver. You get to enjoy your favourite game hassle free, and without any downloads.

Super Mario Bros Online:


Super Mario Bros Online is the first website in this list to play Mario online. It gives you exactly the same experience as if you were playing the game on your gaming console. The game is completely ad free and runs in full screen. It has been written in HTML5 and works on most of the browsers. There are two different links to play the game. One of them is for Google Chrome, and the other one is for other browsers like Safari, IE, Firefox.

The website has a lot of interesting features to offer, apart from its good quality graphics. One such feature is that it lets you create your own levels. You can create your own level with the help of some easy controls and save those levels as text file on your PC. Another interesting feature is that all the 32 levels of the original game are available and you can directly jump to any level you wish to play.

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Try it out here.

Super Mario Croosover Online:

play Mario online

Here is another good online platform to play Mario online, This website is actually a great jackpot for all video game lovers. The reason I say this is because the game includes all our favourite characters. It lets you choose characters from Contra, Mega man, and play Mario with them. They will perform all the actions in their own styles. It is a great idea to say the least. The graphics, music, etc. of the game are also authentic and give you a great experience.

The controls of the game are also very easy to understand. You just have to play the game from the arrow keys of your keyboard. There are different maps to choose from like Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 2, Super Mario land, and more. The option list of characters is also very long.

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Try it out here.

Mario Games.be:

Mario Games.be

If you are a real Mario fan, then this website will surely impress you with its long list of options. The website has lot and lots of Mario games to choose from. You can play games like Super Mario Online, Super Mario Bros, and many more. Apart from the iconic Mario game, the website has created a lot of other games with the same character. However, the graphics of all these games leave a lot to be desired for. You cannot play the game in full screen, and a lot of ads keep popping up around the main screen. Nevertheless, considering the diversity of options available, you can surely give this website a try.

Try it out here.


play mario online

nintendo8.com is the fourth website in this list that you can visit to play Mario online. This is a very simple platform with just one game: Super Mario Bros. You can play your favourite game online with the help of few easy controls. The arrow keys on your keyboard are the main keys to control the game. Other than that, Enter key, A, and Z also come in handy for various tasks.  Instructions for the game are also given on the homepage of the website. The game contains all the 32 levels and the graphics also look very original.

However, this otherwise very good website has one drawback. It does not allow you to play the game in full screen mode. You have to play it on a small screen and the ads keep popping up around the main screen. Although, this does not hamper your game, but it surely takes away the taste of the game a bit.

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Smashing.com, last website in this list, is another fine platform to play Mario online. The website has some great and authentic graphics and lets you play all the levels of the game. The music, animations, etc. make you feel like you are playing the game on your console. The is the option of playing the game in full screen mode and you do not have to worry about any ads coming in your way. Controls of the game are also very easy and you can adjust all the settings manually like volume etc. before beginning the game. Lastly, if you are interested in reading about the author of the game, the home page contains a very brief introduction of Shigeru Miyamoto that you can read.

The link provided below guides you to a page which has a “Play Mario” option. Hit that option and start enjoying the game.

Try it out here.

So, if you have been able to control the temptation till now, I will not let you wait more. Go ahead and try out the above listed websites to enjoy the thrill of playing an iconic game. Do not forget to write back once you are done playing.

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