5 Free Websites To Learn Drawing

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn drawing lessons. You get to learn different art techniques and sketches to draw, on these free websites. Now, some of you might argue that art is a very natural skill that cannot be learned. This claim, to a certain extent, is true. But, it cannot be deduced that art, or drawing does not have any techniques or procedure involved in it. There are methods that, if applied, can make the task of learning fairly easy. These websites introduce you with those methods. There are both written and video tutorials to help you learn and improve.

The websites to learn drawing lessons reviewed here are Toad Hollow Studio, Drawing Tutorials Online, Learn To Draw.com, Drawing now, and Artyfactory.

Toad Hollow Studio:

Toad Hollow Studio-drawing lessons-tutorial

The first website to learn drawing lessons is Toad Hollow Studio. This a very simple to use website with some interesting tutorials. The tutorials are divided into three different categories: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. There are multiple lessons to draw different sketches, in every category. You get to learn step by step procedure of drawing a particular character or sketch. Images are also attached with every step to make you understand things in a better way. The website also has video tutorials, in a separate tab, that are very descriptive. Some sketches are also available for download in PDF format. Overall, this is a good website with some easy and helpful lessons.

P.S. In case you doubt the credentials of the author, there is a gallery uploaded with some of her sketches.

Try Toad Hollow Studio here.

Drawing Tutorials Online:

Drawing Tutorials Online-drawing lessons-video tutorial

The second website to learn drawing lessons is Drawing Tutorials Online. You get to watch online video tutorials on this website. The first step is to register with the website. After that, you will keep receiving video tutorials in your email account every day or two. The video lessons sent by the website are also in order. First, you get step by step videos for all the general techniques (one at a time). After that you will begin to receive videos for different figures and sketches.

Try Drawing Tutorials Online here.

Learn To Draw.com:

Learn To Draw

Another website to learn drawing lessons is Learn To Draw.com. The website has long and lengthy written tutorials that describe everything in detail. There are different tutorials in different tabs for different styles of drawing. The first tab contains a long tutorial on the basics of drawing. It teaches you about different techniques of drawing and how to apply them. The second tab is for Shading. Tutorial on how to learn shading is given in this tab. Similarly there are other tabs that teach you how to draw Portraits, Caricatures, figures etc. Along with all these tutorials, images are also available that you can save in Jpg format. Print them out and apply the learnt lessons on those pictures.

Try Learn To Draw.com here.

Drawing now:

drawing now

A simple and easy to use website with amazing video tutorials, Drawing now is the fourth website to learn drawing lessons online. The website does not have any lessons on technique or procedure of learning how to draw. It simply provides you with videos wherein, you can learn to draw different figures and designs. The good thing about these videos is that you can watch every step separately. The video pauses after each step and you have to play it manually, once you’ve learned the previous step. You can also forward or rewind the video anytime you want. But, the best features in these videos is that you can control its speed. A speed meter is given on top, and you can bring it down to 20%. The video will play very slowly, so that you can learn the steps properly.

Try Drawing now.



Fifth website to learn drawing lessons online is Artyfactory. You get to learn to draw a lot of different masks, ancient art figures etc. on this website. The website provides you tutorials and worksheets that you can print and use. There are two important tabs in this website: Art lessons and Design lessons. In the Art lessons tab you get all the tutorials whereas, in the Design lessons tab you get to learn about how to draw different patterns, use different colors etc. There is also one Art quiz task that you can play to improve your knowledge of art.

Try Artyfactory here.

So, if you are a beginner, or want to improve your drawing skills, try out these above mentioned websites and start making beautiful pieces. Give us your feedback below in the comments section.

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