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Tweek Auto Post is a free Twitter tool that lets you schedule tweets so that you can tweet automatically at a certain time in order to enhance Twitter with this free tweet scheduler.

If you have tweets that have to be published at a particular time than Tweek Auto Post is the free Twitter tool for you. You just have to enter your tweets in Tweek Auto Post to schedule tweets. Add its timing and click post. You can also navigate through your Twitter account without leaving this free tweet scheduler. The free Twitter tool supplies you all the account information you want including your follower count and account details to enhance Twitter.

Update (1-Sep-2012): This software is not available any more. Instead, you can try other tweet scheduling services, like: SocialOomph, Twuffer and Twaitter.

Tweek Auto Post

Features of Tweek Auto Post:

Built-in Account Viewer: In the main window of Tweek Auto Post, you will get quick account information of your Twitter account. But when you want detailed information from the free Twitter tool, then the built-in function of account viewing can be used. You need not enter web address for your account visit.

Tweek Auto Post has profile view link, whereby you can check your Twitter account from within the free tweet scheduler. So that tweeting and profile visit can be done hand in hand to enhance Twitter without the need for a Twitter client.

Unlimited Customizable Posts: You can create unlimited posts with Tweek Auto Post. They are customizable and can be created in bulk to schedule tweets together. You can also schedule their publish time with Tweek Auto Post to tweet automatically, thus no more waiting for the right time for your post. Posting is so easy with this free tweet scheduler that you don’t need extra knowledge about Twitter.

“Post Now” Option: Apart from the ability to schedule tweets, you can also post automatically in real time to enhance Twitter. Since Tweek Auto Post provides you with everything that you want to manage your Twitter account, so that you can also avail to scheduling of posts and send them right away, whatever suits you.

User Timeline: The user timeline feature of the free Twitter tool helps users to view their timelines easily through Tweek Auto Post. You need not log on to your Twitter account for this. Within the same free tweet scheduler you get access to several timelines like user timelines, friends’ timeline and public timeline to keep you updated yourselves with users and events that interest you to enhance Twitter.

Twitter Search: With this handy feature of the free Twitter tool, you can search for tweets that contain your keywords. The good thing is that the results returned are interactive and you can reply to posts with your keywords, retweet them or simply follow them. This way you can be touch with users that interest you or you find things in common with them.

Apart from the above mentioned features, Tweek Auto Post has an automated sign in feature and account verification code just like any other log in window. This assures the modernity of this free tweet scheduler and at the same time you need not worry about wrong log in.

So Tweek Auto Post is a great free Twitter tool to schedule tweets and tweet .automatically in order to enhance Twitter.

For another free Twitter tool, look at Tweetdeck.

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