3 Free Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Users

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Here are 3 free Twitter tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter users. These help you to Mass Unfollow Twitter users who are not following you back.

We often tend to follow a lot of friends, celebrities, or strangers on Twitter in a hope that they would also follow us back. And that may not happen all the time, and can lead to a big difference in the number of “Following” and “Followers”. I hope you are aware that Twitter rules have limit on the ratio of number of users in “Followers” and “Following” lists.

The best and the easiest way to control this ratio is by unfollowing the users, who are not following you back. So, here we review 3 free software to Bulk Unfollow Twitter users.

Update (27-June-2014): This review was completely redone to include latest services to mass unfollow Twitter users.


ManageFlitter is a free website with tool to use Twitter in a smarter manner. It lets you mass unfollow Twitter users in one go with various filters.

All you need to do is just go to homepage of ManageFlitter, and link your Twitter account with it. Now go to “Unfollow” section, and you get a lots of option to choose for selecting the users to be unfollowed, like: Not Following Back, No Profile Pic, Non- English, Talkative, Quiet, and lot more options.

You can choose any of the options and it will list all the users in the selected order. You can simply click on “Unfollow” button. You can choose the batch option, where you can unfollow any number of selected users in one go.

Mass Unfollow Twitter Users- ManageFlitter

Other than unfollowing, ManageFlitter can also be used to schedule tweets (Facebook addicts might like to check Apps to schedule FB status). It also gives analysis of number of active users in any region with time. There are some features that are available with Pro feature, but even for the free version, ManageFlitter is more than good tool to unfollow large number of Twitter users in one go. You can also check who unfollowed you on this website.


JustUnfollow is another free website to unfollow users on Twitter, and control your account. Like ManageFlitter, this service also offers you different options to list the users to unfollow. You can choose from: Non Followers, Who Unfollowed me, Who Followed me, All Following, etc. You can choose the category that you want, and then simply click on “Unfollow” button, and the user will be unfollowed.

JustUnfollow is not just unfollow. It offers you some more options as well. Best of them being the option to send an automated welcome message to the new followers. To use it, go to “Automate” section, and then set the desired message. JustUnfollow can also inform you about the users who unfollowed you.

Mass Unfollow Twitter Users- JustUnfollow


refollow is another free option that can be used to mass unfollow Twitter users. Here, a free account gives you option to unfollow a maximum of 100 users per day. Well that number might sound very low, but the kind of filters it has are quite exceptional.

refollow follows a three-step (Load, Filter, and Act) process to unfollow the users. First step is “Load”, where you need to connect your Twitter account, and then refollow will collect (or load) the details from the account. Then you move to “Filter” step, where you can filter the account choosing the different options, like: people who are not following me, who speak any particular language, etc. On the last step (Act), you can choose to Unfollow, or block the users. You need to choose the desired option, and then click on the photo of the user appearing at the bottom.

Mass Unfollow Twitter Users- refollow

refollow can also be used to follow your users. Steps remain the same, just need to choose “Follow” option in “Act” step.

All the websites mentioned above make it very easy to bulk unfollow Twitter users. If you have a lot of Twitter users that are not following you back, then you can easily use these websites to trim the list of Twitter users you are following.

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