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download different file types from a webpage
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Download Links is a free Firefox add-on to download MP3, PDF, DOC, MP4, JPG, GIF, PNG, TXT, and other files from a webpage. Its pop-up shows the different file types available in a webpage and lets you select file types of your choice. After that, you can see total number of files to download and then save them to PC.

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Quickey is a free Chrome extension which helps a user to launch websites in Chrome with keyboard shortcuts. The extension brings a keyboard layout which is visible on new tab of Chrome. Using that keyboard, you can add websites to particular keys and launch them using keys or shortcuts.

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This tutorial will show you a simple method to hide Twitter feeds from Timeline on Chrome. You can now easily get rid of the newsfeed on Twitter such that you can focus more on important work like text conversation, profile check, etc.

see most liked comment of any github issue
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This tutorial explains how to see most liked comment on any GitHub issue. You can do this with a free Chrome extension, known as “Github Notable Comments”. The extension provides a reaction sidebar on each GitHub issue using which you can jump to the most liked comment on that particular issue with just one click.

disable all chrome extensions together in one click
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Here are 5 free Chrome extensions to disable all Chrome extensions together with one click. You can take the help of extension icon and then deactivate all the active extensions in your Chrome browser. Some extensions also support hotkey to disable all extensions in one go.

export list of facebook friends
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This tutorial explains how to export list of Facebook friends. You can download the list of Facebook friends as JSON or HTML file. For this, I have covered two methods in this tutorial.

see thumbnails of all firefox tabs
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This tutorial explains how to see thumbnails of all Firefox tabs. You can use a free add-on, known as “Tip Tab” for this. When you will click add-on icon, it shows thumbnails of all tabs, including private and other windows, in a new tab. You can also zoom in a thumbnail and click on any thumbnail to access that tab.

disable new tab in chrome browser
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This tutorial explains how to disable new tab in Google Chrome. You can first set the maximum number of tabs, say 1, that can be opened in Chrome browser and when you will try to open a new tab, it won’t open. For this, you need to use a free Chrome extension, called “xTab”.

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