Free AI Assistant for PC To Automate Browser based Tasks: Genji

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Are you a busy professional seeking to automate repetitive tasks, a student aiming to streamline research, or anyone who is weary of spending significant time on the web for monotonous activities? In this article we will explore an AI assistant called Genji that can enhance your day.

Genji is a free AI-based Google Chrome Extension that enables you to automate your routine tasks on the Chrome browser. Simply inform the extension of your task and watch it as it effortlessly completes the work for you. Genji makes us of sophisticated security protocols to safeguard and encrypt your data, ensuring that it remains protected while you enjoy the browsing experience.

Genji can complete several of your personal tasks such as making reservations, hotel booking, buying stuff on e-commerce websites and more. You can also use it for your professional work like finding leads on LinkedIn, sending status updates to your boss, researching on your competitors and more.

All that you need to do is specify your task in simple natural language and then sit back and relax while Genji uses AI to read the current state of your browser screen and determine the subsequent browser actions iteratively until the said task is completed. It also possesses the ability to rectify errors by navigating back to previous screens and making additional attempts to proceed without repeating the same mistakes.

You can even assign multiple tasks to Genji simultaneously and have them efficiently fulfilled. You can assign tasks to Genji and focus on other activities while it operates in the background. Here a few examples of the tasks that you can ask Genji to complete for you:

  • Buy me an i5, 4th generation used laptop on Amazon.
  • Make a reservation for 3 at Gravetye Manor for next Saturday at 5 pm.
  • Book me the cheapest fight from Dallas to Vegas on Jan 16th.
  • Create a Bollywood-style Spotify playlist for my friend’s birthday party.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to install Genji from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Navigate to any web page (except New Tab page) and observe the Genji icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Genji icon

3. Click on the icon and a chat interface will be launched. Input the command / task in natural language and press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

Input task

4. At the outset, Genji will read the current state of your browser. From there, you can relax and observe as it identifies the subsequent browser actions, iteratively completing the tasks you’ve assigned in real-time.

Specify task

Next task

5. Here is another example in which the specified task is ‘Make a reservation for 3 at Gravetye Manor for next Saturday at 5 pm’. Genji automatically navigates to the correct website. Further, it automatically takes the user to the Dining Section to initiate the reservation process. Next, it instructs the user to click on the appropriate links such as Book Now, Book a Table and more to proceed with the booking.

Booking 1

Booking 2

Closing Comments:

In a nutshell, Genji is a distinctive and handy AI-powered extension that has been designed to automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to concentrate on more significant work. Whether it’s handling personal tasks like hotel bookings or professional activities such as lead generation and research, Genji proves to be a versatile tool.

The developers have plans on the table to introduce features such as scheduling of tasks or accepting voice commands in the upcoming versions. Meanwhile, go right and try out Genji and do write to us about what you think. Click here to install Genji from the Chrome Web store. To access the source code of Genji on GitHub, click here.

If you’re in search of an alternative tool to automate repetitive tasks on Chrome, like auto-filling forms, extracting data from websites, capturing screenshots, and more, you can try Automa by clicking here. This plugin, compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, allows you to automate such tasks by utilizing various built-in blocks and connecting them within a workflow. You also have the option to schedule the execution time of the automated workflow by configuring triggers.

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