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SearchJumper is a free and powerful plugin for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that has been crafted to offer users a smooth and customized search experience. The plugin facilitates swift transitions between various search engines with just a single click, streamlining the search process and making it easy and fast.

SearchJumper empowers users to highlight text, images, links, and other elements on web pages effortlessly through a simple right-click or a sequence of context menus and shortcuts. The chosen content can be promptly searched on any preferred search engine, optimizing time and effort. Furthermore, users have the option to drag and drop the selected content onto the SearchJumper wheel, which triggers the automatic opening of a new tab with the chosen (dragged) text or images as search objects.

Additionally, SearchJumper also allows users to personalize their options which includes settings custom search engines and search options. You can add / delete search engines as per your own requirements and preferences, adjust their settings and more. This makes the extension highly adaptable to the habits and preferences of individual users and provides a precise and comfortable search experience for them.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to install SearchJumper from the Chrome Web Store. To install the extension for Mozilla Firefox, click here.

2. Next, input the keywords that you want to search in the browser and hit ‘Enter’ on the keyboard to look up the keywords in the search engine that has been configured in your browser.

3. Hover your mouse towards the right edge of the screen and you will notice that the SearchJumper toolbar appears at the edge with a list of search engines that have been set up by default including the popular ones such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck, Yandex and more.

Google search

4. Click on any search engine icon and SearchJumper will automatically open the corresponding page and perform a search operation using the same keywords that you had specified earlier. This way you can easily switch the search engines using a single click.

Duck duck go search

5. Another quick search method provided by SearchJumper is Select & Search. Simply select the keyword or phrase on the webpage and notice that the SearchJumper tile pops up. Click on any search engine icon in the popup and SearchJumper automatically open a search new tab for you with the selected text as a search keyword based on the search engine that you had chosen. This approach eliminates the need for manually entering search keywords, enabling you to retrieve relevant search results more quickly.

Select and Search

6. Another convenient way to search using SearchJumper is the Drag & Drop search. Just select the required word or phrase on the webpage, perform the mouse drag action and the SearchJumper search wheel will appear on the page. Just drag the selected word or image to any search engine icon on the wheel and popup and like earlier SearchJumper automatically open a search new tab for you with the selected text or image as a search object.

Drag and drop search

7. Furthermore, there is another method called Right-Click search offered by SearchJumper that allows you to perform a more direct search. Select any word or phrase on a webpage and click the right mouse button. You can also right click over an image on the webpage. Next, click on ‘SearchJumper’ and choose the required search engine. SearchJumper will open the corresponding tab for you and use the right-clicked content as a search query or object. This approach promptly responds to your search requirements, enabling you to acquire relevant information more swiftly.

Right click search

8. Click on this link for more information on the usage of SearchJumper and how you can tailor it to optimize your search experience.

Closing Comments:

Overall SearchJumper is a very powerful and handy extension that allows you to switch between several search engines with just a single click thereby offering a smooth and customized search experience. This feature gives you unlimited search possibilities and helps you save valuable time and energy. Additionally, SearchJumper also offers multiple methods for searching text, images and other elements in a web page such as right-click search, drag & drop search and more to optimize your search experience.

Go ahead and try out the product and do write to us about what you think. Click here to install SearchJumper for Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox users can click here to install the plugin. To access the source code of SearchJumper on GitHub, click here.

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