• http://www.billinman.com Bill Inman

    Mutuality stopped working weeks ago.

  • http://www.mytwebo.com mytwebo

    Another awesome utility!

    Everyone is saving their own tweets, what about your favorite tweets from other users?

    mytwebo lets you create a PDF backup of your favorite tweets for FREE! Combine tweets from multiple users into one mytwebo PDF! Email, print, or store it.


    Backup your favorite tweets!

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @mytwebo: Thanks for dropping by, and mentioning about this interesting utility.

  • http://www.muktiblog.com Berbagi Ilmu dan Informasi

    Thanks for the tips of mass unfollow twitter. I got some info here

  • Blogbd

    Buzzom no longer providing twitter follow/ unfollow service. Is there any good working website?


  • http://twitter.com/UpJumps boun borey

    These mass Twitter follow/unfollow sites don’t seem to stay up long…

  • http://business-fundas.com/ Arpan Kar @ Business Fundas

    ahhhh not working
    can you suggest some new ones?

  • http://koowie.com Koowie

    Does Twitter penalize mass follows and unfollows?

  • Chapalucho

    Twidium http://www.twidiumapp.com analyzes your list of following and followers and shows which accounts you follow but which don’t follow you. You tell the program how many accounts to unfollow. The program selects the accounts that received follow requests before others and checks whether they meet the selected criteria. Matching accounts immediately receive unfollow requests.
    • Unfollow if an account has a standard avatar.
    • Unfollow if an account’s tweet count is lower than…
    • Unfollow if the Following/Followers ratio is lower than…
    • Unfollow if the last tweet was left more than…
    • Unfollow those whom the program followed more than…
    (there is 7-day trial period)

  • http://www.buraq-technologies.com/ ambreen11

    Unfollowing tools are key these days. This mass deletion seems like the best option. Thank goodness for mass unfollow!