Free Desert Bike Racing Game: Desert Moto Racing

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Desert Moto Racing is a free bike racing game for PC. This bike racing game is set in desert locations which is available for free download. Race in various desert locations with different bikes for free.

In this racing bike game you have eight different locations and four different bikes named: Grinder KRZ, MasterBike 3000, Magnum Rider, and Titanium Neo. Win medals and proceed to next stages and win the final stage with the best bike. The download size of this game is just 24 MB.

desert bike game

About this Moto Racing Bike Game:

This bike game is all featured in desert locations. Win medals by competing with other computer players and unlock stages and bikes. There are two modes in this bike game: Racing Contest mode and Ghost race mode.

  • Racing Contest: In racing contest you have to win medals to unlock coming stages. If you come first you win Gold medal, second you win Silver medal, and third means Bronze medal. As you go to higher stages you will have to win more silver medals and gold medals only. Even bikes will be unlocked as you progress through stages. This is similar to the earlier reviewed Bike Racing Game.
  • Ghost Race: Ghost race is basically racing against your own best lap. You will be racing with your own best lap player. In this mode the unlocked stages and bikes that you have unlocked in racing contest mode will be available to you. Similar mode is available in car racing game BMW M3 game.

You have to race on sand locations and also on different surfaces like the one shown in below screenshot. You just need to land properly with the bike after jumping from heights or else you have to start all over again.

After launching this bike game, you will be asked whether to play in windowed mode or full screen mode. then you will be asked to make a profile with your name. Then you can start playing with your own profile, whenever you start the game. So, all the information regarding your profile will be stored for future use.

desert bike game bike

How To Play Desert Moto Racing game:

This is a 2D game but looks like a 3D game. The controls are pretty simple to use:

  • Accelerate using [W] or Up arrow key
  • Slow down using [S] or down arrow key.
  • Roll left with [A] or left arrow.
  • Roll right with [D] or right arrow.

Tips: You can see what is rolling left or right in below screenshot. The best way to win this game is always hold on to the acceleration button and land your bike such that it is parallel to the surface. You can also do front and back flips; but if you topple and hit your head to the surface, then the race will start all over again.

desert bike racing game

This game has good graphics and nice sound effects. You can access the sound effects in option menu. If you want to play some more crazy racing games then try Track Mania or Need for Madness.

Click here to Download Desert Moto Racing.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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