Free BMW M3 Car Racing Game for PC

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BMW M3 Challenge is a Free Car Racing Game for PC featuring the new BMW M3 Car. The designers of BMW M3 and GTR Cars have designed this game.

I’m a fan of BMW myself, so I downloaded this game and started playing. The cockpit and the roar of the engine feels real. The Locations and Graphics are really awesome. It’s a Car Racing Game which can be played on any Windows Operating System. For Android junkies, you can explore Car Racing apps for Android.

BMW Cockpit

The Game is absolutely realistic and it’s a feast for those who always want to ride BMW Cars.

This free car racing game for PC is quite easy to control. You can assign the controls according to your wish. Be sure to assign the gear box controls, driving wheel, and extra options manually. The game automatically detects Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick devices plugged into your computer. You can play the game completely with your mouse or keyboard or both.

The BMW Car can be viewed in four different views: Hood, Cockpit, Nose and Swingman views. There’s a Replay option available which records the games that you played already.  Other realistic options like Corner Markers, Damage Control, Flag Rules, and Automatic Gearbox are also available.

This car racing game has only one car to play with: BMW M3; with different colors and different wheel sizes and on the famous Nurburgring German race track. If you want to play with your own customizations and with different cars then you can try the famous Car Racing Game Need For Speed World, or Deadly Race.

BMW Intro


This Free Car Racing Game for PC offers two modes:

Single Player

In Single player mode the options available are:

  • Open Practice where you can practice your driving skills on the track alone.
  • In Race weekend you can include up to 15 BMW Cars to race with, 30 Laps, and 3 difficulty levels.
  • In Time Trails mode after completing one lap, you will be racing with a ghost car of your previous best finished lap.


In Multiplayer mode the options available are:

  • Local Network races where you can find races or host races with your own settings of number of Opponents, Race Laps, Car Color, and Special Restrictions where you can set a Password for your game.
  • In Internet mode either you have to Register a new account or Login with your old account to play with other players via Internet (there were no servers available, though, when I tested this game).

BMW Gameplay

 As I said you will feel as if you are driving a real BMW Car for Free. The game is a Freeware, so have fun driving this new BMW Car.

The game is 345MB with awesome graphics and good background music effects.

Start downloading and drive this 7 Gear Car.


Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 2]
Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Free/Paid: Free

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