TrackMania Nations: Free 3D Car Racing Game

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TrackMania Nations is a free 3D car racing game available for PC download. Are you crazy for racing games? Then definitely try this one.

In this racing game you can play both single player and multiplayer game. You can design your own cars and tracks also. One more fascinating fact about this racing game is, if you have 3D glasses then you can use them for this game; because it has 3D mode too. Of course, if you don’t have 3D glasses, you can play this in 2D too; that also is quite good.

trackmania nations racing game

Go Crazy With This 3D Car Racing Game:

TrackMania Nations is a good car racing game compared to another crazy game that I earlier reviewed: Need For Madness. I found this one more interesting due to it’s awesome graphics and gameplay.

Don’t think of it as just a simple car racing game; where you compete with other cars on flat roads and sharp corners. This game offers you a lot more than simple racing tracks. In this game you have to jump through broken tracks, run your car on a 90 degrees wall ride, boosting ramps, run on loop tracks, ramps, and off roads.

After installing the game just keep your internet running and register for an account to know your rankings while you play. If you are not interested in internet play, then you can play offline also. After that a welcome screen displays all the modes of gameplay.

trackmania nations racing game intro

Features of 3D Car Racing Game:

1. Play Solo: In this mode you have many games to play. There are many difficulty levels to play. They are named as:

  • White: This mode has 15 stages. The first five are unlocked for you. If you score at least a Bronze in each stage then next 5 will be unlocked; and same for last five also.
  • Green: This mode also has 15 stages with 5 stages unlocked. To unlock other stages you have have to score Silver in the previous 5 stages.
  • Blue:  This mode also has 15 stages with 5 stages unlocked and to unlock next stages you have to score Silver in the previous 5 stages.
  • Red: This mode also has 15 stages with 5 stages unlocked for you. You have to score Gold in previous 5 stages to unlock next stages.
  • Black: This mode has only 5 stages and all of them locked. You have to score Gold in all previous modes.
  • Browse: This option is useful only when you have created your own tracks.

track mania nations

2. Play Online: This mode needs an internet connection running to play. In this mode you have options like:

  • Suggested: In this mode suggested servers will be displayed.
  • Favorites: In this all the servers marked favorite will be displayed here.
  • All: In all option, all the servers running will be shown; based on the category country and separate servers.
  • Rankings: In this all the countries ranking will be shown.
  • Create: In this section you can create your own server with advanced options. You can invite your friends also to join the game.

3. Part Play: In this mode you can play with your friends.

  • On this computer: In this option you can play with your friends up to 8 members on the same computer.
  • On a Local Network: In this you can play with your friends located near you. Just read this review to Setup A LAN Network and play with your friends.

4.Editors: In editor mode you can edit various options like:

  • New Track: In this you can create your own track. All the options are easy to handle.
  • Load Track: In this mode you can modify a track created by you.
  • Paint a Car: In this mode you can customize your own car.
  • Edit a Replay: In this mode you can edit a replay; if you have saved it after playing.

5. Profile: In profile mode you can modify your profile settings like:

  • Vehicles: You can modify your car and paint it.
  • Inputs: In this mode you can modify the keyboard inputs.
  • Statistics: Here you can see the statistics of your gameplay.
  • Advanced: Here you can edit multiplayer options, delete account, and solo play options.

track mania racing game wall

The controls of this game are pretty simple and normal like: Up Arrow for acceleration, Down for slowing down or moving back, left for turning left, and right for turning right. There are many other controls which can be viewed in profile section. Want to try a 3D mode? Then press escape in the middle of the game and select 3D Glasses Settings.

This racing game is indeed for racing maniacs; i.e. why it’s named TrackMania. Even the racing tracks make you go crazy. This game download size is 500MB; may be because of it’s great graphics and various other options.

Experience driving a F1 car on these crazy tracks with full throttle. Click here to Download TrackMania Nations.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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