Free Bike Racing Game for PC: Superbike Racers

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Superbike Racers is a Free Bike Racing game available for PC Download. Superbike racer is easy to play and you can perform stunts too. There are twelve race tracks and four bikes to ride; which will be unlocked as you progress through the game. The four bikes available are 500cc Rapida, 600cc Supera, 800cc Hypera, and 990cc Monstra. You can play Single RaceCompetition or Time Attack.

This racing game has good graphics and is a fast paced game. The other racing games available for free download that I reviewed earlier include BMW M3 Car Racing Game for PC and Need For Madness or you can play Free Online Car Racing Game: Death Race.

Superbike Racers intro

About This Free Bike Racing Game:

Superbike Racers is a fun game and the controls are easy to handle.

This racing game has three modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard. (You can change the mode in Options tab)

  • Easy: In this mode you have no collisions and no crashes and is easy to play. This is a good mode to use if you are just starting with this game.
  • Normal: In this mode collision detection is on and no crashes. So, once you have got a bit of hands on this game, you can move on to Normal mode.
  • Hard: In this mode both collision detection and crash can occur. Once you think you are becoming a pro in this game, this is the mode you want to try.

As I mentioned in the beginning, you can play Single Race, Competition or Time Attack. In the competition you get a chance to unlock the tracks and bikes. In single race you just play with the other players and in attack mode you just aim for the best lap.

Initially the game opens in a small window and gives you option to play in windowed mode or Full screen mode. So, choose according to your convenience and race with your bike.

superbike crash 2

Controls for Racing:

The controls for racing are easy to learn. Use mouse to navigate through the game options and escape button for pausing the game.

Racing: Use the Left arrow for turning left, Right for turning right, Up arrow for going forward and Down arrow for going back. Use [R] key to return to track or reload.

Stunts: The Left Alt button is used for making wheelie which actually makes your bike go faster and Shift button for making stoppie. Use Left Ctrl button for drifting.

The controls are available in Help option in the game.

Superbike Racers play

There is nothing much to write about this game; but a lot to play and enjoy. The graphics and gameplay is really good; and the music is also fast paced.

This racing game can be played in any Windows system; even in the latest Windows 8.

You can Download for free.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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