Unify Google Services with Google Workspace

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Update 2022: This software no longer exists. Use some modern tools instead such as Franz.

Google Workspace is a relatively new application who’s main purpose is to give users faster and simpler Google Search results, but also to combine all of the different services that Google has to offer in a single application where people can switch between Search, Docs, Shop, Books and a few others with just a click of a mouse. The image below shows which Google apps are supported by Google Workspace.

My Google Workspace default

At the center of the default screen Google Docs are being offered, next to Gmail, the full list of services that you can utilize in Google Workspace would be this:

  • Google Docs
  • Gmail
  • Youtube
  • Google Code
  • Web and Image Search
  • Shop
  • Google Books
  • Calender

Those who are not too demanding will surely find something that will interest them in this list of Google apps that can be run with the help of this handy Google app combiner.

Improved Google search with Google Workspaces

Pretty much everyone who has been using Google for longer than 10 years will remember how easy it was to use Google in the past. Maybe easy isn’t the right word, it’s better to say that Google search wasn’t as intrusive as it is today. With instant searches, which can even slow down the computer, and let’s not forget site previews and everything else with which Google has been “improved” over the years. If you’re like me and you like the way that Google was before, you’ll enjoy this handy little app for sure.

My Google Workspace search

Search results that you can see above we got instantly, without there being in between results that popped up when we only entered a part of the search term. Sure, there’s an option of deactivating instant results in Google, but with Google Workspace you don’t have to bother searching this particular option and you also enjoy a whole heap of other uses that Google Workspaces has to offer.

Enjoy books and avoid tracking cookies with Google Workspaces

Google isn’t the champion when it comes to maintaining user privacy. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, it would be the fact that Google keeps tabs on what you search so that it can display better ads through it’s advertising program. Let’s say for example that you wanted to search Google Books for a certain book:

My Google Workspace book search

Once you enter it inside the Google Books search, that term will be saved for you, and later used when it will be necessary to show ads. As of late Google has even started displaying results based on the types of searches that people make, which can even cause you to not receive important result that you need, that would otherwise be shown to you.

With Workspace this problem can be avoided because it will not use your main browser in order to access Google Search, that is it won’t if you’re not using the IE, because Google Workspace uses IE for its browsing. That means that all the tracking data will be saved in IE instead of your default browser, the one that you use every day. If you use Google services a lot, then Google Workspace is the tool for you, it unifies everything, everything important in one place and it’ll save you time.

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