Free Windows 10 RPG Game: BoltStorm

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BoltStorm is a free RPG for Windows 10 devices, or in simpler words, a role playing game. In this game, you play as a white knight who has to rescue the other white knights from the enemy. The enemy red knights attack you with bombs and explosives. Your aim is to destroy the enemies with the help of your bow and arrow and you try to achieve the highest possible score by rescuing as many knights as you can. To put it in simpler perspective, the game involves moving around with WASD keys on your keyboard and shooting arrows with the left mouse click to kill enemies and to save the good white knights.

BoltStorm for Windows 10 is available for free from the Windows App Store.BoltStorm Main Screen

Controls of BoltStorm


  • W: Move straight.
  • A: Move left.
  • S: Move backwards.
  • D: Move right.


  • Move the cursor: Move the aimer for your bow and arrow around (360 degrees) to aim at the enemies.
  • Left click: Fire the arrows from your bow.

Main features of BoltStorm for Windows 10

When you run BoltStorm on Windows 10 devices, you will first be taken to the main menu of the game, which can be seen below.BoltStorm Main ScreenIn the main menu of the game itself, you can see the controls of the game at the right side and you can also see the the two buttons which allow you to either Play the game or Exit it. When you click on the Play button, you will be taken straight into the gameplay interface itself. BoltStorm Gameplay

In the gameplay area, you can see your hit points and your experience points meter at the bottom left of the screen, right alongside your game level rank. In the screenshot above, you can see the red enemy approaching you with a bomb. You have to move your white aimer (see screenshot above, right in front of the white knight) with the mouse motion to target the red enemy and shoot your arrows with the left mouse click to kill him and rescue a white knight. You can see the arrows being fired below.BoltStorm shots firedYou can also see above that I have two knights in the screenshot above as I have saved another white knight. The game has good graphics as all the enemies die with a blood spatter on the ground to make the graphics look even more realistic. When you die (or your hit points reach 0), it’s game over. The game over screen shows you your score like so.BoltStorm Game overFrom here, you can choose to either replay the game or head into the main menu of the game. Overall the game is polished and runs smoothly.

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The verdict

BoltStorm for Windows 10 makes for a great download as the game is light on size and makes for an excellent RPG game on Windows 10 devices. The game has nifty graphics and cool sound schemes alongside as well. Fans of this genre of games should definitely check this game out!

Get BoltStorm.

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Works With: Windows 10
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