Nomee: Follow your Friends on All Social Networks

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Nomee is a free social networking application that can be downloaded on your computer. By means of it, you can access over 120 social networking sites and stay in touch with your contacts. If you have several social networking profiles such as Facebook profile, MySpace profile, Twitter profile, etc, you can make use of Nomee to access all your favorite social networking feeds through a single application without visiting each and every website.

Some other applications that you can use to access multiple social networks include: Sobees Lite, Bitter, and Twigether.

Social networking through Nomee

Since Nomee frees you from the hassle of opening and visiting your different social networking profiles on the respective websites, it lets you follow your contacts rather than the sites. Just download the Nomee application and start following all your contacts in no time.

Here are some of the features of Nomee:

  1. Nomee allows you to take charge of your contacts and follow them even if they do not use Nomee.
  2. You can share videos, photos, post and reply to all your buddies across different social networking sites through a single application
  3. You can easily control on the content that you would like to share with your friends, family members and colleagues.
  4. With Nomee alerts, you can get all the updates of your buddies on real-time basis.
  5. You can create custom groups to organize and manage all your contacts.
  6. If you own a business, you can effectively use Nomee to popularize your products and services to all your contacts.
  7. The user interface of Nomee is quite attractive and very simple to use.

In order to make use of Nomee, you need to visit their website and download and install the tiny Adobe AIR Nomee application. Once you have installed the application, you will not have to open the browser and visit each and every social networking site.  You can effectively use it to get in touch with your contacts through the free social networking desktop application, Nomee.

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Works With: Mac, Windows, Linux
Free/Paid: Free

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