5 Earthquake Notification Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 earthquake notification extensions for Google Chrome which you can use as a warning system for earthquakes, if you happen to live in an earthquake prone area. Getting a warning about earthquakes near you could mean the difference between life and death. It will give you time to get away from the shore line (in case of tsunami), out of a building, or at least under the door frame, table, or some other place you should be going in situations like this.

Let’s see how exactly it is that these extensions work.


earthquake notification extensions google chrome 1

Earthquakes is an earthquake notification extensions for Chrome that’s very simple, as you can see from the image down below. Information about earthquake is collected from the United States Geological Survey website.

Extension offers a simple list of earthquake with info like their magnitude, and approximate location. You can filter out notifications by opening up extension settings and only choosing to display earthquakes that are 1.0+, 2.5+ or 4.5 and more on the Richter scale.

Get Earthquakes.


earthquake notification extensions google chrome 2

LastQuake is an advanced earthquake notification extension that has a lot of advanced features. Top right corner pop-out will give you a live feed of earthquake events from around the world. Data is fetched from the European earthquake tracking website.

Interesting feature that’s available in LastQuake is the so called “shake it alert” where the entire browser window will shake once a new earthquake notification comes through. Audio notifications are available as an alternative and other UI tweaks are possible, see image above.

Get LastQuake.

Also, have a look at Natural Hazards Monitoring Software: Earth Alerts Free.


earthquake notification extensions google chrome 3

AllQuakes is basically an upgraded clone of LastQuake. Notice the similarities in the top right corner list of notifications, but also notice the differences in the extension settings.

Two additional options are added which can be used to select a region of the Earth you’d like to receive notifications for and also the minimum earthquake strength (magnitude) that you’d like to be notified about. Everything else mentioned about LastQuake also applies here, including the “shake it alert”.

Get AllQuakes.

Earthquake Early Warning System

earthquake notification extensions google chrome 4

Earthquake Early Warning System is a standalone app, unlike the previously mentioned earthquake notification extensions.

It will open up in a new window. In the left sidebar the earthquake feed is located, while on the right Google Map is displayed that shows you location of the quakes. Audio notification will play as new earthquake updates are coming in. Usual info about reported earthquakes is given, location, time, magnitude, depth and significance.

Get Earthquake Early Warning System.

Also, have a look at 5 Free Websites That Provide Earthquake Alerts.

Earthquake Monitor

earthquake notification extensions google chrome 5

Earthquake Monitor is a web app that lets you choose the source from which you’d like to receive earthquake updates.

You can choose between earthquake reports from United states, EU, Australia, Britain, New Zealand and Canada using the drop down menu in the right sidebar. On the left next to the sidebar you’ll see a map that displays the locations of the detected earthquakes. Left click on the bubble indicator to get more info about a particular earthquake.

Get Earthquake Monitor.


AllQuakes is my favorite because it’s very customizable. What I like the most is the ability to choose only specific regions for receiving earthquake updates. It also has earthquake filtering based on their strength (magnitude). Let me know what you think in comments down below.

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