5 Free Websites That Provide Earthquake Alerts

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Here is a list of 5 free websites that provide earthquake alerts. These websites provide you information and alerts about latest earthquakes that have occurred around the world. Some of these websites even have facilities to send personal alerts to its users. You can register with the websites and receive alerts through mails or sms.

Earthquakes are perceived to be one of the most costly and deadly natural calamity that we as a society face. I say costly because the lives and infrastructure lost in such accidents costs us dearly. Unfortunately, earthquakes have been on rise and countries around the world have faced its wrath. Even though an earthquake alert system does not provide you with enough time to make prior arrangements, it does give you that crucial few seconds that can be very decisive. This information is based on a lot of technical grounds, but can sometimes be proven wrong. Let us take a look at 5 such websites that pass on to us crucial information and news about latest earthquakes that have occurred.

The 5 websites reviewed here are Earthquake Track, GDACS, Mangoflash, BGS, and USGS.

Earthquake Track:

earthquake alerts

The first website that provides earthquake alerts is Earthquake Track. On the home page of this website, you will see a couple of maps. These maps highlight the parts of the world that have witnessed earthquakes in the past 24 hours. The map depicts earthquakes that were over 3.0 magnitude. Along side these maps, you can also read the bulletin that keeps you updated about the latest earthquakes. You can also follow the website’s twitter account to get real-time alerts of the earthquakes.

The website also has a tracker, through which you can track any part of the world. Just select a particular place and track its information. If any earthquake has occurred in that place, it will instantly reflect on the map. If an earthquake has occurred in a nearby place, it helps in warning you to stay alert.


earthquake alerts

The second website that provides you with earthquake alerts is GDACS. This website has information for all kinds of disasters. In order to receive information about earthquakes, you have to tick the earthquake options and then go through all the alerts. There is a map that shows all the regions that have faced earthquake recently. If there is a region near your place where earthquake has occurred, then that can act as a warning for you to stay alert.

There is an option to create account on the website. The website sends personal alerts to all its members. Even though the procedure to register is a long one, it is worth the information you receive.


earthquake alerts

Mangoflash is my third choice for you to receive earthquake alerts. This seems to be very helpful website with lots of users from different parts of the world. The interface of the website is very clear, unlike some other websites. You will find a map in the center with circles depicting regions where a quake of a magnitude of 5 or more has occurred recently. The website is updated every 10 minutes, so new information keeps flowing in automatically.

The website also has an option to subscribe. All you have to do is enter your email id and the task is done. You will start receiving alerts from the website instantly. These alerts are sent to you every time there is an earthquake of a magnitude of 5 or more and also contains information like region, geographic coordinates, universal time, and depth of the quake.


earthquake alerts

BGS stands for British Geology Survey. This is another website where you can receive earthquake alerts. The website is full of information about earthquakes. The map on the website highlights regions that have witnessed a quake in the last 5o days. Other than the map, there is a chart that lists all the regions around the world where earthquake has occurred recently. There is also a column titled “latest news”. All the latest events and news related to earthquakes are listed here.

This website is replete with information related to earthquakes and earthquake alerts. Go ahead and check out this website from the link given above.


earthquake alerts

Another useful resource to provide earthquake alerts is USGS. All the latest earthquakes and their magnitude, along with other information is listed on the home page of this website. It provides both real-time and historical earthquake information. The option to search for recent and previous events is also available. There is a lot of other information available as well.

To receive real-time alerts through various means is also possible on this website. You can register with your email, read RSS feeds, follow USGS on Twitter, etc. to receive real-time alerts. The website even allows you to report an earthquake through such mediums. Go ahead and read the available information.

All these website above are helpful and useful resources to receive earthquake alerts and information. Try them out and give us your feedback through comments.

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