Free Caller Name Announcer App for Android: Caller Name Announcer

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Caller Name Announcer is a free caller name announcer app for Android developed by PeopleGap. This app announces the name of the person who calls you. Additionally, it also provides a feature wherein you can announce the name of the person who sends you an incoming message. Do note that this app will only work on devices which support TTS service (Text to speech output service). The app is neatly structured and is optimized pretty well for Android devices.

This app comes in handy when you want to know the name of the person who’s calling you before you reach out to your phone to look at the caller id and receive it. Caller Name Announcer is available for free from the Google Play Store.

Caller name announcer icon

How to use this caller id name announcing app?

On launching this app, you will be presented with a screen that has various options wherein you can turn on the name announcing feature of incoming call or incoming text messages. Turning on either of these buttons will activate the caller name announcer app, and when you get an incoming call/incoming text message, the name of the caller/sender will be announced. The screen that opens up on launching this app looks like the following screenshot.

Caller name announcer

When you click on the Gear button on the top right of the screen, you will be able to see various settings regarding voice pitch, speed etc. which you can easily configure. When you click the gear button, the following screen will fire up.

Caller name announcer setting

In the above screen, you can easily configure the speed or pitch through a slider, stop announcer, etc. and this is all that this app has to offer. Pretty simple to understand, right!?

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  • Smooth, runs without lags.
  • Simple interface, neat buttons that are hard to miss.
  • Easy to understand Settings tab.
  • Definitely not a resource hog!


  • The user interface is a bit clumsy with everything in blue color, right from background being light blue, to the text being blue.
  • Clumsy app icon.


This app definitely comes in handy if you want a personal assistant like voice announcing the name of the person who is calling you/messaging you. This comes in handy if you are in a crowded area, or your device is lying away from you.

Get Caller Name Announcer for Android by clicking here.

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