Talking Caller ID App For Android

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Talking Caller ID is a free Android app that displays a talking caller ID on Android device. This Android caller ID app in Android Market is designed to voice the numbers and names saved in your contact list. Whenever a call lands on your Android phone, the app allows your phone to speak the name or number of the caller on Android screen.

This talking caller ID app speaks the name of the caller, if his/her name and the number is saved in your contact list. If the number is not saved in your phone’s contact list, then the app allows your phone to speak the number, which is being displayed on Android caller ID on an incoming call.

This app is really an awesome app for Android, which speaks the caller name or number in a very clear voice when you receive an incoming call. Also, the multiple options provided by the app are customizable. The interface provided by Talking Caller ID app is very easy. The app really works awesome when installed on your smart phone.

Talking Caller ID

Some Key Features Of Talking Caller ID App For Android:

  • Displays a talking caller ID on Android phone.
  • Speaks the caller name or number when an incoming call is landed on Android phone.
  • The interface provided by the app is very simple, and the options are customizable.

Talking Caller ID Settings

  • Speaks the same contact name, as saved in your contact book.
  • You can customize the talking speed of the app from the settings menu.
  • The app allows you to adjust the pitch of the voice from within the app.
  • It also speaks a message when no number is available while you receive an incoming call.
  • You can save the message by your choice and the app will speak that message only, when it receives a call with no number or any private number.
  • You can enable/disable the talking caller ID from within the app.

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How To Install Talking Caller ID App On Android:

  • Scan the QR Code below.

  • If you don’t have a Barcode Scanner, then sign in to Android Market.
  • Search for “Talking Caller ID” app in Android Market.
  • Tap on “Install” option to install the app from Android Market.

The free Talking Caller ID app will be automatically installed. Click here to download Talking Caller ID app from Android Market. Just install this Android Caller ID app and make your phone speak your incoming call. Now you don’t have to head in your phone’s caller ID to look, who is calling you. Ignore the unwanted calls by listening the caller name with this app.

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Works With: Android 1.6 and up
Free/Paid: Free