BuduSynchro: Free Folder Synchronization Software

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BuduSynchro is a free and basic folder synchronization software which let’s you synchronize data between two folders. It’s one of the most simple and easy to use folder synchronization software which I came across. Unlike other free folder synchronization software, BuduSynchro is quite basic in its operation. The user-interface of this tool is clean and straight-forward. As it includes a browse button to browse and select source folder, browse button to browse and select the destination folder, activity section and a big start Synchronize button.

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As it’s a very basic software folder synchronization software, it does not offer option for scheduled synchronization, or two-way synchronization. However, this free software performs it’s main and only function of folder synchronization in the best possible way. Even the novice users or beginners can effortlessly synchronize folders using BuduSynchro. Try out FileMyster, FreeFileSync and Synkron for synchronizing folders.

Features Of This Folder Synchronization Software:

  • Very Basic and easy to use folder synchronization software.
  • Straight-forward and clean user-interface.
  • Lightweight tool with a file size of less than 1MB.
  • Quickly Syncs data from source folder to destination folder.

That’s it, it does not offer much.

How to Use this Folder Synchronization Software:

  • Launch this folder synchronization software.
  • Click the Source folder Browse button to browse and select your desired Source folder.
  • Click the Destination folder Browse button to browse and select your desired destination folder; to which you want to sync the data of source folder.
  • Once you have selected the source folder and destination folder, click the big Start Synchronization button at the bottom end of the interface.
  • That’s it, now this software will sync your source folder data to the specified destination folder.

BuduSynchro offers one of the most simple way to synchronize folders. So, if you need a simple to use file sync software, BuduSynchro is a good choice. Download and try BuduSynchro for free.

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