Open Source Folder Synchronization Software: FreeFileSync

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FreeFileSync is a  free, fast and easy  Open-Source folder comparison and folder synchronization software which facilitate you  to configure the sync operations between any 2 folders without restricted or overloaded UI Interfaces. It is a free folder synchronization tool which enable you to drag and drop folders you want to compare and synchronize, and then click to start the process.

Other folder synchronization software we reviewed earlier include: SyncBreeze, Bamboo File Sync, Carbon Folder, and Microsoft Sync.

It is not automated, but you can create scheduled jobs to sync folders at your pre-defined time. It asks just the correct number of questions before anything happens, so that there is no threat of  your loosing  files accidently. You can even use recycle bin to be on safer side. It does its job brilliantly and is portable too.


Freefilesync comes in the form of both installer and a zip archive. 64-bit version choice is available inside the installer. File comparison can be done by either file size and date or byte wise. Entire program coding is done in C++ language. Whether you need to simply compare folders and update the files to the latest version or you want to create batch files for recurrent comparisons, FreeFileSync has you covered.

If you want package that automatically syncs the filed and folders than FreeFileSync is apt for you. The tool provides you some handy features and advanced sync tools like:

  1. Automatic – This uses a database of the changes in the files and sync’s both the source as well as destination folders.
  2. Mirror Backup – This makes a new directory with accurate copies of the files in the left side or as the source folder.
  3. Copy –This process only copies the new and updated files to the destination folder.

How to use FreeFileSync:

It can be used by following 4 steps:

  • Drag and then drop the folders you would like to compare and synchronize,
  • Compare the choosen folders,
  • Select from the synchronize settings,
  • Press synchronize button to begin synchronization.
  • Folders can also be monitored for real-time updates using the automatic backup.

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Key benefits of FreeFileSync:

  • It compares files and synchronize them
  • It supports unlimited files to be synchronized
  • Last configuration and screen settings can be saved automatically
  • Sort file-lists by name, by size or by date
  • It displays the statistical data for file size, amount of bytes that will be transferred with the current settings.
  • UTC (coordinated world time) is used at the point of comparing file times avoiding problems with time zones or daylight saving time.
  • Support for file sizes should be greater than 4 GB.
  • Avoid directories “\RECYCLER” and “\System Volume Information” with default Filter. (Windows only)
  • User friendly GUI which is highly optimized for speed and supporting large number of data
  • Alternative to move files to Recycle Bin instead of deleting/overwriting them which is inaccessible later on

FreeFileSync is easy, free, and open source file synchronization software. Other options that you can also try are: File Synchronizer, and JFileSync.

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