HouseCall: Free Antivirus Scanner from Trend Micro

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HouseCall is a free antivirus scanner from Trend Micro that identifies and fixes malware including virus, worms, Trojans and spyware. Malware are malicious programs on your computer that tend to self start when the computer starts. Malware perform dangerous activities such as copying personal data, logging keystrokes and sending spam.

HouseCall has an intuitive user interface which allows you to scan the system for active malware. In addition, Housecall functions as leverage for the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to prevent intrusion from the latest threats. Housecall offers a full scan option. The custom scan option allows you to perform scan on a specific folders.

Personally, my favorite free antivirus choices are Microsoft Security Essentials, and AVG.

HouseCall can perform a quick and easy check for all kinds of threats regardless of the protection status of the program. The stand alone browser feature is compatible with browser activated scanners. HouseCall is also compatible with ActiveX and Java enabled browsers. When launching HouseCall from the landing page, you can download and start the launcher. You will have the option to save the launcher and open it anytime you want to implement a scan.   The Smart Scan technology add a another layer of protection and reduce the download time.

HouseCall informs the Smart Protection Network about the threat information so that new threats can quickly be found. This is not exactly the Cloud type feature, like Panda Cloud Antivirus, but something like that. The improved detection and cleanup features will remove the rootkits and other potential threats from your computer system.

Housecall uses the latest technology to check for the updates. To increase the user experience, Housecall check for an updated version whenever it is launched. House call can operate on all 32 and 64 bit Windows and Windows 7.

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